Wall’s ice cream to make money

different delicious ice cream to join the project choice, is the very choice of market development. Wall’s ice cream comes out, the market opportunities are good. Wall’s ice cream, a good choice, a good project!

wall’s ice cream brings not only delicious, but also bring joy. Wall’s will also uphold the consistent pursuit of better products, so that more consumers to taste the delicious ice cream, join the prospect is very good.

wall’s (China) Co., Ltd. since its inception in 1994, its innovative products and marketing strategies, so that this famous brand in wall’s has made considerable progress in china. In September 2000 the market survey data show: wall’s in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan and other city known for more than 90% market share, wall’s No. 1.

wall’s in the world to enjoy the "ice cream expert" reputation, on the one hand, it is committed to continuous research and development in the field of ice cream results, on the other hand also because wall’s care in the ice cream market global leading brand. Wall’s to bring consumers more delicious, more nutrition as the goal. Each year, wall’s’s global ice cream contains the equivalent of one billion cups of milk and a variety of dairy ingredients, add up to 20 thousand tons of fruit in the ice cream.

in the food market, joined the wall’s ice cream project, opened a wall’s ice cream shop. In fact, money is so simple!