Shaxian County snacks to join the small cost of how much revenue

in the catering market, a lot of people love snack delicacy, now Shaxian County snacks as a well-known snack brands across the country, the consumer evaluation of Shaxian County snacks is very high, the headquarter of Shaxian County snacks innovation, Shaxian County snacks group was founded in 2006 on the proposed listing of vision.

10 years long road, Shaxian County snacks with a number of domestic including Thailand Zhengda Group, COFCO, foreign well-known catering materials company to carry out strategic cooperation, every cooperation is viewed as a direction towards the listing very close. But in fact, these cooperation have not touched the changes in equity, and did not play a role in promoting the development of listed on the road. According to Shaxian County snacks Fang said, this cooperation at the end of this year, Shaxian County snacks first foreign equity cooperation, eagles farming is the Shaxian County snacks group project co-operation partners exclusive.

"Shaxian County snack" listed there is

if the funds can be successfully put in place, the financing of Shaxian County snacks can upgrade, let it become Chinese McDonald’s, KFC? This massive and very firm cooperation, can make snacks in Shaxian County listed on the road from the open


restaurant theme listing is the Shaxian County snacks hard

Shaxian County snacks from the last century in 90s by the local Shaxian County to enter the country, then there is the Shaxian County government behind the push.

with more and more stores Shaxian County snacks, Shaxian County’s government hopes to end Shaxian County snacks lacking spirit of cooperation situation, promote Shaxian County food industry transformation and upgrading, integration of the business shop.

In, the government of Shaxian County set up the Shaxian County snack office and the Shaxian County snack food association. In the year of 2006, Shaxian County snack Group Co., Ltd. was established, which is mainly engaged in the planning and management of Shaxian County snacks. 2011, Shaxian County snacks announced plans to list.

Shaxian County snacks group and Chia Tai Group as early as last December had signed a strategic cooperation agreement, claiming to be from the supply of raw materials, food safety control, promote the transformation and upgrading of Shaxian County snacks and visit the capital market.

but then there’s nothing new. Until recently, a paper notice of agriculture and animal husbandry China "pig first" Eagles released, announced plans to invest in Shaxian County tourism, Shaxian County invested a total of 135 million yuan investment in Shaxian County snacks group, enter the upstream supply chain.

Eagles farming

first invested less than $90 million through capital subscription form Shaxian County snack food chain Investment Development Co., Ltd. 45% stake, Shaxian County snacks Group invested 102 million yuan shares accounted for 51%. The investment company is responsible for the operation of Shaxian County snack industry park and Shaxian County snack supply chain >