National day to buy what the most money The balloon basket to allow you seven days to earn enough fo

National Day is coming, and at festivals, of course is to do business the golden week! What do you do to make money? You don’t need a store, you can make a lot of money! In "lot eleven" practice, marriage and public celebration, not the flowers, balloons decorated around the flower market do not think there will be unusually hot.


is located in Nanning City Qixing road Tang Yuan flowers wholesale department boss told reporters, Nanning city 70-80% flowers from 6 Wholesale Department seven road. They are mainly to Nanning more than 100 flowers retail supply. Business during the National Day is better than usual, but not very obvious, about 0.5 times.

the truth: people who smile low-key Celebration Service Department of small land to reporters about the flowers wholesale and retail version, blurted out: "they are nonsensical.