To keep customers lazy will make the store business better

because of the number of stores now operate, in order to win the customer, the owner of the service attitude is better than a good, and the customer is more and more lazy. So, if you want to make the business of the shop is better, it might be your customers are lazy but such a provision, protection to the shops.

shop is idle. A customer stops the car because he is an old customer and knows what he is buying. To this end, I hastily took Nanjing (Ying Jinsha) went up: "you do not have to stop, I’m not busy now, sent directly to your customers," smiled and joked: "boss, you can’t put my habit Oh, the next time you come here to buy things I don’t need stop the car, you can directly get to me". As long as I am not busy in the store, I will give you the first time, if busy, you have to be patient Oh, I smiled and answered the customer.

the customer last year basically every morning in the work time will pass me here to buy a pack of Nanjing (Ying Jinsha), but since the spring of this year I rarely come to the store to the consumer, what is the reason that customers do not come out? The average person who smokes is to buy a pack of cigarettes every day in his pocket, do I have a problem with the attitude of the service, or the customer to another store consumption? Or is the customer at home during the Spring Festival, relatives and friends to send the smoke has not finished? Many doubts in my mind.

just now, the customer in my shop door stopped: "boss, last time you told me not to get off, you see, today I am really too lazy to get off ah, please give me the package delivery in Nanjing (Ying Jinsha)", was outside the pool busy washing towel, hear Gu the guest’s voice, I quickly put down the hands of the matter: "no trouble, come".

the customer asked: "I am the one hundred yuan of money, you take money to change". Took over the customer’s hundred dollar bills, the cigarette and the change will be handed over to the customer, the other side of the road with a smile: "boss, you see, you are about to put me lazy, and even buy cigarettes are afraid to get off the bag". "Ha ha, all you lazy, I will be diligent".

In fact,

in peacetime, often have customers drive parked in front of my shop, and then I look at the customer’s appearance in the car, I will remember that the customer is to buy cigarettes, or prepaid calls, basically can guess. A taxi driver, he has a habit of basically is in after ten o’clock every night will open the car stopped at the gate of our hotel, and then hand out of the window thirty yuan Yang Yang, I would know it in his two pack of fifteen yuan in Nanjing tobacco. There is a taxi driver, every car parked in front of my shop, I would know he was going to a bottle of Wahaha mineral water, although only 1.5 yuan of mineral water, but every time I also will ebullience mineral water to send customers.