Jia Hongmei with personality to enhance the performance of clothing store sales

clothes in a clothing store is good, the style is not suitable, only after they try to know. However, now the street clothing store everywhere, in the end to choose which one to try, this is a problem, of course, this naturally has a great relationship with the owner’s business strategy. For Jia Hong Mei, the personality of the self dress, but very helpful for the operation of the store!

I am a forty year old clothing store owner, mainly engaged in women’s clothing. Now with the fashion trend of the prevalence of various women’s styles and brand is all kinds of, so we Couture business customers, operating under increasing pressure, especially with the rise of the online shop, to our real clothing store is to bring a certain impact.

today, the Spring Festival approaching, the new year is people wear new clothes to celebrate the tradition, how to survive in many of the clothing business competition, sell a good price? Through careful thinking, I found that the beauty of the heart of all people, especially with the development of economy, fashion is not only the mainstream of young people dressed, and some middle-aged women also began to pursue fashion.

before the business process, my business model is relatively dogmatic, waiting for customers into the store, the customer into the store, to pick clothes, then he must specify which, what try, I’ll provide a fitting service for customers. Because they do not know how to promote clothing to customers, will not provide guidance for the customer dress. Thus, the customer into the store, the turnover rate is relatively high.

since some time ago, a more than and 40 year old customer into the store to buy clothes experience gave me great inspiration. Remember that the customer into the store, see me wearing a fashionable clothes, let out a sigh and said: "see you dressed so nice, I want to make myself a bit more beautiful, you have to help me pick out the clothes!" Hearing her words, I hastened to help the selection of clothes, to give him not to mind taking the trouble fitting service, until he managed to buy a satisfactory garment.

recently with the New Year season approaching, more and more women are buying the mad street. In order to attract the customers into the store, but I buy into fashionable and cheap, pay attention to the clothing display models, by the customer’s inspiration, I started to pay special attention to the use of the advantage of their good looks, dress up, dressed in clothing display model.

found that as long as the customer into the store, I would have to show the different styles of clothes according to the characteristics of customers, so that each piece of clothing can show the design effect, so not only the effective way to attract the customers into the store, but also to attract customers into the store after the desire to buy. Some customers into the store, I saw the clothes on the body will be sighed and said: "you are very beautiful clothes, can take a try for me?""