Female entrepreneurs to open a flower shop to take the road of diversified development of creativity

flower shop is a very suitable for women to engage in entrepreneurial projects, many women have thought of opening a florist, daily work in the flowers do not have artistic conception. But when you open a shop, you will find that the reality is not so simple.

in accordance with the current level of medium city in general, one-time investment 20 thousand yuan, the cost of the display as follows: downtown shops rent of about 10 thousand yuan; simple decoration and layout of about 2000 yuan for the purchase of raw materials; regular flow of funds of about 1000 yuan. The characteristics of the small shop is a one-time investment and the daily operation of the fund is not large, a daily sales of 400-500 yuan florist, only need to add 200-300 yuan per day flower material.

these plus two to three employees, the wage payment, pruning tools such as packing kettle, sponge, scissors, flower, wire, ribbon, wrapping paper, candles, a total of about 20000 yuan.

double profit income

off-season less customers. The off-season is a major test of the flower shop every year, if you can not find a new sales channel in the off-season, to maintain a certain amount of customers, then the last few months it is difficult to get over the florist.

is the foundation of the floral design shop. Shop recommended