Some mishap Groupon application mode of domestic group purchase

with Wang meituan launched, the domestic Internet industry launched a new round of discussion about the Groupon group purchase mode, the author has recently been concerned about e-commerce on this new pattern it analyzed some personal records, here for discussion.


model is not novel group purchase a long time ago, in the memory it is best to have a website called discount their propaganda slogan is, "everyone cut", is invalid is similar to an insufficient number of group purchase orders, analyzing the characteristics of the Groupon network is already in place, the unexpected low the price does not need logistics service + product + operation + area to invite friends with the group purchase shopping guide that he was growing rapidly, in the site for more than a year’s time to get $30 million investment, launched meituan will drive a large number of domestic imitators closer. In fact, the author is also trying to imitate, but in the process of thinking in the Internet environment in China found that there will be many difficulties to imitate Groupon.

The success of

1.Groupon in addition to his new model, a large part of this is due to the popularity of online shopping and credit card payment system in the United states. This is not only in the user online shopping habits, more businesses are recognized on the Internet platform. Groupon mode is a very important job is to communicate with the many businesses, they need to come up with much lower than the market price of the product and also to come up with enough profit to the site, can say that business is basically a free commodity form for web site promotion, the sale was run through many similar businesses, found to meet the requirements businesses may have to pay 10 times the effort in China;

2 China’s online shopping buyers are extremely sensitive to the price of the product, where the price is cheaper to buy, once the price will not hesitate to reply to his home. Engaged in market activities friends may have experienced a loss in order to attract users with low-priced products, users will be sold after the stampede in, low-priced products, users leave immediately, imagine the low price to attract users into the store, sell high profit products to make money can not achieve the basic idea of the


3.Groupon model of Chinese Internet entrepreneurs may not be the biggest test of promotion, and how to ensure there are enough to attract people willing to provide low-priced products every day, the sales staff need to pay great efforts to explain to customers of this emerging pattern. At the same time, China’s Internet entrepreneurs are mostly programmers, product managers or planning background, how to develop a strong sales team is a big problem;

temporarily only think of the aspects of the overall personal feeling of this model is difficult to be popular in the country, of course as a case as a model, on the basis of do with the domestic market changes and new discoveries may be. Welcome to participate in discussions to explore the new model of domestic buy. (text / -IT Jialun teahouse)