Students the discount net market can not be underestimated

recently, a group called the "500 yuan living expenses, and triggered the Shenzhen street." the video explosion of red network video, the daughter because of dissatisfaction with 500 yuan per month living expenses, street quarrel with his mother crying, the mother in the video did not budge, after a quarrel angrily left, leaving her daughter squatting in place to cry. Once the video appeared, quickly spread in the dissemination of users, causing a lot of micro-blog celebrities and netizens hot.

many users of the video in the daughter of the accused, that "the mother line, daughter is not easy. Because the cost of living too less and her mother in the street fight, it should not be." Also the netizen retorted, "500 yuan a month also is too small, it is reckoned to buy a Steamed Buns. The daughter is excusable." The public said that the public is justified, the woman said the reason. But what is certain is that now the rapid rise in prices, college students increasingly rich daily entertainment, 500 living expenses for many college students, can only provide a "food and clothing" life.


reporter has learned that in recent years, with the improvement of living standards, online shopping is increasingly becoming an important way of shopping. While walking in the forefront of the fashion trend of the college students have become the main force in online shopping. Today, more and more electricity supplier rise and development, online shopping consumption in the proportion of college students daily living expenses also increased year by year, college students have become the backbone of the online shopping crowd. For college students online shopping phenomenon, the reporter visited a number of colleges and universities to conduct interviews. The survey found that the average college students online shopping costs 200 yuan, 500 yuan, accounting for 30% to 50% months of living expenses, the number is not large. College students in the online shopping crowd, the proportion of women accounted for 68%, men accounted for only 32%, visible in the college students, women are still online shopping, the main force". At the same time, in this investigation, the reporter found that clothing, bags and cosmetics is a favorite of women. Electronic products, including game cards, virtual goods trading more favored by men.

survey shows that, with the online shopping boom continues to heat up, more and more attention to the discount site. Reporters learned in the interview, such as the volume of the net like this discount site has a certain degree of visibility in College students. In 20 college students were interviewed, 13 of students said to understand the discount website, 7 students admitted through the usual volume leather mesh "discount website for online shopping, and preferential in a few dollars to tens of dollars.

increased gradually with the online shopping in the student population in the proportion of consumer, discount website attraction to the university student population is also growing, many college students are willing to choose online shopping site to achieve "two preferential discount". Online shopping Daren Kobayashi told reporters: I am a month discount shopping site, at least can save a money. Parents give money is hard-earned, could save the province."

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