From Chen Yibing was black event to explore the event marketing promotion

believe rings king Chen Yibing game last night a friend was incensed against the final result, this morning came in to see the Olympic news Tencent, a giant banner, display the Tencent on the news is the "perfect performance won the silver rings Chen Yibing, was himself very surprised why the performance was perfect. But, just won the silver medal, and then click into a look, the original in the Olympic gold medal is the referee, can become the silver medal, well, this article, from the Baidu real hot" by Chen Yibing black "event to explore the event marketing promotion way, is to express your own game last night the feelings.



in real-time hot spots, "Chen Yibing black" has emerged as the first visible, this event’s popularity, in fact, many of my friends are feeling about an event should be how to do, in fact, now the Internet has given us the best answer, are events of soft writing, micro-blog promotion events, special events, following the events for follow-up, to summarize these events now see the specific way of marketing it.

first point: event micro-blog marketing promotion (learn from the micro-blog communication)

in Sina micro-blog, there have been a lot of friends spread Chen Yibing was black, a lot of friends to comfort Chen Yibing, one screenshot, is currently ranked in the first Sina search "is a micro-blog micro-blog funny" list, as shown in figure


in this picture, the author through several recent Olympic events, summed up a few words, resulting in a large number of forwarding and comment, do not say is not a celebrity or grassroots Bo, these are very active in nature, constantly passed through one time, and then continue to be mine finally, the formation of the entire Internet is micro-blog atmosphere, create more fans and their value for micro-blog, a comment on a story, let more people know there will be more attention, is the value of transfer.

second: the event marketing mode (a period of about


believes that the majority of the news media through the presentation form to us to convey such a message, that is "Chen Yibing is the champion, should win the gold medal, we look at the following screenshot, is seen in the Sina blog search, you can see an event with" 30134 "article.


a lot of friends to write their own feelings for reprint or comments, and then gives the summary, write their own indignation, this is an event that is we can go to a positive evaluation of such a thing, in fact, in the soft form, have their own sense of the article to be more to be recognized and this this article is the event marketing charm. >