2014, WeChat public number micro-blog process

introduction: simply speaking, public number this year only do 4 things, although slow, but this does not affect its "micro-blog" process.

this year, WeChat public focus on force. Improve the function of the field, the breakdown of the advertising platform on-line, and so on, so that the number of public activity is getting higher and higher. Simply put, the public number this year did only 4 things, although slow, but this does not affect its micro-blog process.

2014, the public number which four steps


in December 10th last year, WeChat’s "micro community" on the official WeChat public account open beta. The public can publish information on their own micro communities, while the user is logged in the public number of micro community can see information according to the comment — similar to the traditional forum posting replies + "mode. Now, micro communities are still in operation, but the activity is very low.

that time, in order to avoid excessive marketing information with the list of users, WeChat’s service number one month only to send a message, the ability of public, information dissemination and Marketing Co., limited number of users access to information. Micro community may be in order to solve this problem and health. But it is a pity that it is not completely without fire, and soon forgotten. Not only that, on the second day of the release, Ali published by micro-blog, Tencent, please leave some opportunities for innovation, accusing them of plagiarism get together.

May 13th, WeChat public open custom menu. If the public account before WeChat custom reply interaction, so it took a step toward the App, and now with the help of a custom menu interface, the public account is already a WeChat end of lightweight applications. Service number can be obtained for all advanced interface permissions, including voice recognition, the generation of two-dimensional code with parameters, access to user location, user packet interface.

The biggest advantage of the

custom menu is to reduce the user’s cognitive threshold, the public account can be the focus of information entry intuitive exposure to the user. When the user enters the public account, you can understand the relevant services at a glance, just click on the way to simplify the interactive instruction, providing a lower threshold entrance.


July 23rd, WeChat public number to do the adjustment: the number of new text reading, graphic news at the bottom of the new point like button. This time there are two major updates:

1 users can be more intuitive understanding of the article heat and reading effect, increase user activity and interaction

2 data publicly, advertisers can be based on a broad point, further screening of large amount of reading, the number of points like high account delivery, improve the promotion of efficiency.

out of this step, although seemingly small, but indicates that WeChat public account data will be more open and transparent development trend, while increasing the interaction with the user’s form, but also means that WeChat has long maintained >