Behind the ‘field’ of the occasion and chasing hot wind

Fu Yuanhui was full of words and deeds’ the force ‘makes micro-blog, circle of friends, the Internet crazy reproduced, this girl is famous, special words this girl’ the force ‘became’ popular’. Thus, after hot start, to start, enterprises, self-employed, the staff began a new round of competition occasion.


Baidu index from more than 1 thousand, instantly jumped to about 600000. Then, the general public does not sit, chat to a "ridicule fashion", writers also sit still, mechanically to ‘field force’ of the four characters in the posters, offline businesses also sit still, as if not to write "the vertical block the" sign in front of the store, the business can not do the same, do not believe you to look.


last night breeze, like clouds, and business hall’s friends talked about how to do online business, with the ticket is not miss this shopping a good day in the passing of a female shoe when suddenly the billboard shop door to stop! Do not believe you can see. If you just sell shoes so dry, then you really OUT, in a restaurant door, also set up a brand. I suddenly have a either shopping or having a meal with his girlfriend, can encounter "field force" embarrassment.


of course, from the point of view of the operation of the site, overwhelmed by the hot pursuit is sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry boss. The common point is a long term, an article for the site to bring ten thousand flow can? Else dare not say, if some time ago with "the power" wave of the long tail word is determined to bring traffic.

: the long tail word of what is

overall index: 23951


we talk about electricity providers, web site operators see some occasion, as a treasure to sell "the force ‘expression package, the title" Xing financial shortage of power. "These children needless to mention, really hard to chase hot chase is directly on the product. In an application store where there is a hot spot when the relevant APP fade when the shelves APP.


who will be taking advantage of? Of course, from the media, since the media is not only to write good copy, do a good hand, but also got the news after. But ‘the force’ fever had subsided, at this time if you want to catch, how to catch it? Second. I appreciate most in the first title of reverie, the most important is that the two hot word contains the title, namely "the power" and "Fu Yuanhui", and "Fu Yuanhui ‘Baidu index in August 26th is still 100 thousand to > index