E signed treasure announced the completion of 45 million yuan A round of financing will launch a new

company in September 2015 completed a 10 million yuan Pre-A round of financing, is now underway A round of financing.


[update] electronic signature platform e Bao announced that the company has completed a 45 million yuan A round of financing, led by the investment side of the rich sea in the East, with Ginkgo biloba. According to e signed treasure CEO Jin Hongzhou introduction, the funds raised by the financing will be mainly used for the next generation of electronic signature technology research and development, marketing, as well as the company’s cash flow supplement.

is reported, e will also be released in December 21st, its 2 version of the new product. Relative to the current version 1, the new version of the e sign Po will upgrade its "original sandbox protection technology, improve product safety, prevent the original contract out of the platform. In addition, the 2 version of the application will be based on the joint signature technology certificate, for a number of people signed an investment situation, through technical means to achieve one-time joint signature. At the same time, e will also be signed by way of cooperation with third parties to complete the signing of the contract, to the deposit certificate, to the electronic signature closed loop.

in the view of Jin Hongzhou, in the service of deepening, online scene transfer to the next line of the Internet in the second half, as a kind of the right tools, electronic signature technology will become an Internet infrastructure. At the same time, he is also expected to spend from 2014 to 2016 of the market to prepare, get a new round of financing, the enterprise will launch game player more intense competition in the market, "the electronic signature industry, 2017 will be a crucial year."

for the following November 7, 2016 Original:

e is a treasure day Hangzhou Valley Information Technology launched the electronic signature SaaS service brand. Electronic signature tool since 2015, began to be widespread concern in the market. In this field, 36 krypton also have been reported by big, draw a contract, lock, sign.

in the e sign treasure CEO Jin Hongzhou seems, now the market competition is mainly concentrated in the Internet financial industry, but in some government and large enterprise market, competition is not sufficient.

reason is that the Internet financial industry is only required to provide a simple and efficient certification services to individual users, but the government and the requirements of large enterprises more complex. For example, the government will require the electronic signature tool supports OSB file format, signed file to be encrypted, but look at the time and decryption, signature and red disappear after viewing the file, but also to restrict the view of personnel.

and the current e customers are not signed, Zhejiang Provincial Department of finance, HUAWEI, Vanke, Ali, Baidu such government agencies and large enterprises, from the aspects of Internet banking income accounts for only about 20% of its revenue.

according to Jin Hongzhou introduction, the company in addition to providing the basis of the electronic contract API services, there are four other services: