Barrage video site encountered growth mishap piracy, cash flow difficult two problems

"people are not sure whether or not to come out, the front can not speak, if I come out, I will silence." In March 11th, a micro-blog ID "said _ deep hate LL @ @ the cult" to accept the twenty-first Century economic report interview. Recently, the ID issued and forwarded a number of news about AcFun executives were arrested before.

on AcFun is Youku potatoes, sued former executives arrested, company employees, AcFun and Youku potatoes signed a memorandum of understanding of tort "and other information users, nearly two days on the Internet set off a slobber war. At present, both parties AcFun and Youku potatoes were not formally official response.

on AcFun Youku potatoes infringement, has now entered the proceedings, and therefore inconvenient to comment." March 11th, Youku potatoes public relations stakeholders to accept the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, said, as the online spread of the settlement agreement, the accuracy of its merits." Some friends broke the news, Youku potatoes proposed settlement plan is Acfun with equity and 18 million cash as compensation.

AGC rise

AcFun was founded in 2007, is a barrage of video sharing sites, users can watch the video side edge, will review the input to the screen. Compared with Youku potatoes comprehensive video website, AcFun in different forms, there are differences in terms of content, the content of AGC (Anime, Game, Comic), therefore, the user also known as the two dimension video website (refers to the animation as the main content of the website).

in the past two years, in the integrated video site busy copyright wars, this AGC site has been rapid development, in addition to AcFun, there is a website called Bilibili, the industry is called AB station. In China, the user to watch the two dimensional video basically to the two sites." A long-term concern of the industry said the two sites.

according to Alexa3 11 website rankings data show that Bilibili ranked the world’s Web site on the day of the 197, AcFun ranked the day is the 737. The video site Youku potatoes on the ranking of 81, Iqiyi 221, Thunder KanKan 1884, PPTV 2257. Obviously, views of the two sites far more than the number of sites, to the industry leader. At the same time, the AcFun executives arrested, employees leaving mass "rumors, there are a lot of users or vocal support, or to express regret.

why no big capital into two, by the grassroots entrepreneurship video website can be so popular? The person said, these two sites are imitating the Japanese video sharing site NICONICO, focuses on the two dimension type, compared with the comprehensive web site, can quickly gather a group of the same user demand, the formation of concentration effect.