Micro-blog CTT’s upcoming beta Comsenz system underway

well-known community service and social network provider in the recently opened Comsenz micro-blog system test access, CTT Beta version of Kang Sheng Weibo declared on the line.

with Twitter hot, after any meal, jiwai, whisper micro blog service, more and more domestic portal also began to explore the micro blogging service, in addition to gradually into the normal Sina scarf, NetEase, Sohu are open beta version of micro-blog. In the earlier and Comsenz webmaster club official website has released the news of micro-blog’s R & D. In the test platform today opened Comsenz finally micro-blog systems, and this product is named CTT.



At present,

CTT is used in the test system have been invited to participate in closed beta, users, or the availability of a large number of proposals to perfect the function of CTT. But on the profitability of micro-blog station is still in the entire network is still in the exploratory state. In addition, due to the excessive amount of information and uncertainty, security monitoring can not be guaranteed, will also affect the application of micro-blog in the personal website.