Do stand for half a year of bitter bitterness

      I was from the beginning of December last year. The site was from home to work in Ji’nan, because my job is web editor, so there is a lot of time in the global network, the work will start site.

      at first just because technology for hobby, want to be a type of Technology Forum, like the dragon like, now think that really is a bit ridiculous, that single handedly can do like them very quickly. Forum Forum will build up, and really started the promotion of the silly eye. To others Forum Post said the new technology forum, welcome everyone to come to the hit version, you can just send a few minutes to find the post no, even own a ID was deleted… No… To think this is a situation. Baidu later began to Post Bar to publicity, can not think of where the moderator is more professional, just sent out, son disappeared, I said that I do not in the hair, very depressed.

      anyway, later, finally some propaganda posts out. Then there is no concept of what the soft, his writing is not very good, write propaganda is only 00 or a few lines of words, he read all feel no appeal not to mention those netizens discerning at present? Technology Forum on the Internet forum without any innumerable, their own characteristics, there are few people holding cattle technology, who will be resident here, although a lot of people, mostly looked at the left. At the time of the altar son is built out of it, there is no what post, who is willing to in such an empty place. Slowly began to understand that now is not the forum development period, several large forum currently only have a few years of history, there is no special forum to It is impossible to keep people.

      this forum to engage in nearly 2 months, 2 months, most of the rest of the time to climb on it, but in the end. After understanding to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled as a warning for the future, and do not forum a large group of friends all day hanging in the above post is not feasible, but their most of the friends do not love the Internet, even the Internet also play more games, there is no several hanging in what forum, and is a technical forum. Later in the behind post, did not know, a certain strength is best not to do before the Forum, the forum not only consume server resources more powerful, it is very difficult to gather popularity.

      although the two months time mostly in vain, but since the outdated, realize do only have a passion or not what use. Some of the station at least the knowledge is to know that, during the 2 months of learning a lot of knowledge, to master the HTML code JS, a little understood, locomotive production.