WeChat public number to open a custom menu certification number can enter the URL

WeChat public open custom menu certification number can enter the URL

[TechWeb] February 12th news, WeChat public platform announced that the public platform to further open the basic capabilities of all public numbers to open the custom menu function. Edit custom menu features can choose to jump to the page and send messages two actions.

to "jump to" all ", the public account can directly select the custom menu in the graphic message material in the library as a jump to the page object, certification subscription number and service number can directly enter the URL; for" send information ", all public numbers can send information including text, pictures, voice and video and text messaging, subscription number unauthorized users temporarily unable to support text types.

according to reports, the public account operators click "add plug-in" after the selection of the lower right corner of the custom menu card can apply for custom menu. (Ming Yu)