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station network (www.admin5.com) September 10th news, social search engine that has recently acquired by Sina, the founding team cash over the rest of the staff to join Sina micro-blog. The news has been confirmed by insiders.

as one of the first Google Chinese had several core members, Liu Jun has been a concern, Liu Jun in charge of web search technology related research and development work, more than 2 years ago that Google was formed more than 10 technical talent team based on the start of capital. As a Google search engine company founded by the elite, so there is a unique temperament. It is reported that after the network was acquired by Sina founder Liu Jun, joined Baidu news will be responsible for new project conceptual research team of Baidu, but also say that led the R & D department. The exact position is not clear. The other founding members have also left, Li Dahai joined the pea pods, Ann Xinghua joined Wanda, Sheng Jia added a payment company, Ma Jian chose entrepreneurship.

is the first social networking search engine, is committed to the combination of people and information, to provide users with more accurate and personalized results. December 18, 2012 announced the official launch of existing products, including social factors into the web search, real-time search, image search and mobile application search. So the founding team with Liu Jun as the core, including members from Google China including more than and 10 engineers Sun Zheng, Chen Liren, An Xinghua, Wang Dong, and Li Dahai, Qujing Kun, product design team and led by Sheng jia.

informed sources, multiple time business for two years, so there is not much loss, and people in search of cooperation, help the National Library of Tianjin Jianwen big gains in search. Data shows, and so on with the CCID Consulting together last year jointly awarded the National Library, the amount of about 60000000 yuan. After the completion of the National Library project, so not only will not lose money, but also gain. And Sina and so on in the capital has been very deep cooperation. As early as the beginning of the establishment of the industry that rumors from the 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi, sina CEO where there is a $50 million investment in. Liu Jun admitted to the media last year, sina is such an early investor, and so the beginning of the establishment of sina investment. Prior to this, so the network has launched a hot spot based on micro-blog’s micro-blog news client, by grabbing the real-time popular micro-blog, showing the moment the most popular news events.

may be from such a situation is a good thing to be acquired by Sina, perhaps a good way out.

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