Warm sland Network suspected closed nearly 50 businesses in arrears of $250 thousand loan


news July 23rd, the domestic electricity supplier website warm Island network has recently been discovered in nearly 50 businesses a total of 250 thousand yuan of money, and businesses and consumers are not in any way to contact the warm Island, the website has been shut down suspected.

has a number of sellers to reflect, in the case of warm Island arrears of commercial loans, up to 6 months, and can not be linked to the warm island through any way. According to these sellers statistics, the island is now known to have been owed a total of about more than and 40 households in the amount of about $250 thousand. At the same time, there are a number of consumers reflected in the purchase of goods on the island of warm encounter delays in delivery, and can not contact the warm island.

these businesses said, has tried to get through all the way to contact the site and no results. Before has been relatively normal, the settlement will occasionally be a few days in arrears, but the problem is not. But from the beginning of April this year, the customer service has gradually disappeared, the phone can not get through the warm Island, no one, customer service phone shutdown, brand buyers and settlement staff are also not reply, micro-blog also ignored the message."

other businesses revealed that in contact with the warm Island network settlement customer service, the other responded that the company is currently finishing the repayment plan, although the beginning of settlement, this month can only be part of the settlement. Now the finance has been handled by the group, for the settlement part, I will do my best, I hope you understand, I hope the warm island through the storm."

up to now, warm Island site and official micro-blog is still in normal operation. These are owed to the merchant is negotiating the formation of a legal group, to recover the arrears through legal channels to warm island network.

data show that warm Island network is a designer to provide domestic products discount flash purchase B2C shopping site, on 2012 formally launched. As a platform provider, warm Island network connection designers and consumers at both ends. Consumers pay first to warm Island network, after the completion of the transaction, the funds will reach the hands of the designer, the designer shipped to consumers. Warm Island network is responsible for the sale of the work, in the whole process, warm Island network without any inventory. Its profit model is taken from the actual sales in the form of pumping.

2012, warm Island network obtained a financing, but did not disclose the amount of financing and investment. Since then, the warm Island network and mobile social applications next to the street with me in the information technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., the company has the nature of incubation, HTC chairman Wang Xue investment projects under the red flag.

warm island in the process of development has also experienced many times change, the executive team in September 2013, warm Island founder Zhang Yan and Natasia Guo left, the brothers jiepang.com vice president of Sales Department Li You replaced co-founder duties. January 2015, street network stop service, founder, CEO Liu Dawei (David), as well as the rest of the street staff transferred to the warm island network.