Only a month to subsidize the war on the tip of the super giant has just begun

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"half, into my shop to sell takeaway software faster through threshold." North Sanhuan a Yang Guofu Mala boss Mr. Zhao some helpless, let him have to takeaway software can not remember the name, although his shop only about ten square meters. This store cashier, has been filled with 4 takeaway print order terminal, can not put more than one, which is also the main reason for the boss refused to access the other 10 takeaway software.

crowded behind the cashier, the takeaway market is about to usher in a new round of war. Yesterday, Ali announced a high-profile entry takeaway, previously after Ma Alibaba number two, Cai Chongxin is also the first time to the stage, as chairman of word-of-mouth network. From the recently completed financing, Baidu takeaway high beauty group set up to store division action, between the big takeaway war escalated, fierce burn subsidies or will become the next taxi software".

Ali also do takeaway

four or five years ago, the entrepreneurial direction is still a college student can takeaway play; four or five years later, there will be more than 100 million yuan monthly subsidy competition of fire, because Ali China will do the most to the business.

as a second only to the heavyweights of Alibaba, Cai Chongxin, vice chairman of the board of directors rarely appeared in front of the camera, but now has become the focus of attention of all parties. Recently, Ali announced Cai Chongxin, as well as chairman of the word of mouth network, the Ant King of the van will serve as the word of mouth network CEO, responsible for the daily operation and management. In addition, Amoy little APP will become Alipay mobile phone and word-of-mouth takeaway, Taobao will also provide delivery entrance in the mouth. This means that the new reputation to become a fully open Amoy little, Alipay, Taobao three mobile phone Ali products super APP.

more than a month ago, Alibaba announced a joint venture with ant gold 6 billion yuan, the establishment of a joint venture reputation network, the new company will focus on local life service business. Word of mouth network by Ali employees Li Zhiguo founded in 2008, was incorporated into Ali’s intention to re create a local life information Taobao, was regarded as a pioneer in the concept of O2O. But since the performance is not prominent, in 2011 to stop the promotion, fade out of the public eye.

came back to the reputation of the network, it seems in the industry is not a follower, but a spoiler.

red rain more and more

had 300 yuan spicy temptation crayfish, takeout only needs 150 yuan, who does not account for cheap." Li Bin has been out since that white-collar workers are spoiled, become lazy and greedy. Before a long day too tired, do not love cooking, every day after work with his wife to eat out, now he is accustomed to at home while watching the movie while eating takeout, not only cheap but also lazy.

from the first half of this year, China life service platform O2O up to 89 billion 580 million yuan turnover