Currently do WeChat marketing to make money fast gameplay and mode

the day before yesterday, the article because of writing a number of sensitive marketing topics have been shielded. I know a lot of people in the company are staring at me, I’m afraid I spread some damage to their products. Since it is so I will not publish the article in the public. Yesterday, a day after the car, finally home. After 2 days my little son is full of years old, that is a birthday. Our side is called the year old, also attaches great importance to such a day, so I came back. I am sorry that many people didn’t reply to me yesterday. There are some to say I want to enter the resources, I did not put in. The reason is very simple to want to raise the quality of this group, because there are a number of combat master and abundant resources of the bull, too many newcomers to come in bad communication. So they all refused. So sorry。


on my way back to the text and I suddenly thought of a fun marketing, because a friend in the morning made a 888 red envelopes to me, I am very grateful. The car when I suddenly flashes, think of an idea, so he called the Shaofa information to the company’s customer service to try, the effect is very good, yesterday they earned 2000 yuan. In fact, the method is very simple, do not need how the technology. This method will be announced after the end of the year, because it will affect the current release of our play. No way, but yesterday, a red envelope to my friends can take the initiative to contact me, but also a WeChat group to do the red envelope method I can share with you. Because some of the words can only be a small part of the people to share the operation, and more people will be able to know the effect of. People open a WeChat all the content will be no effect. (who told you don’t flatter me, ha ha) this method is very good, we also tried before, one day to spend time and energy to do so at least 500 yuan of above, we now occasionally do, often do not, if not do business can be done every day, this has no effect however, more is to mobile phone.

After I finished the

verbose share several gameplay WeChat to make money quickly up:

first: is to do cosmetics and agent model


you look I will not say, more than half a year ago I wrote an article "WeChat marketing how he did on pin 100 thousand box" mask in several magazines newspapers, published every month after they sent me a lot of magazines. Until now, a lot of people are writing this theme. I believe we all know this model, I do not say. It’s the fastest, so I put it in the first place. If you do not understand the Internet can be passed to each other or in my public number to find a look.

second: profiteering products

this play has always been done in the PC side, most people are doing Baidu bidding. Now the PC side of the growing competition after a lot of people moved to WeChat, most of the