Marketing people have a love to talk to you about the product

now, the outbreak of the mobile Internet, marketing channels are also extended from the line to the line, then the Internet marketing how to proceed? First, you have to talk about love!

what would you do if you wanted a date with a girl you love?

a dress up.

handsome appearance is of course important, if you look tired but also a scruffy past, even if you have read abdominal gas also not afraid of China, after all, this is a look at the face of the era. So the packing is very important, a look of high-end air quality products, and put together a to spread the goods of general products, even if there are white boiling water, also can let a person produce the illusion.

if the packing of the products, or is not a specific product but the site, you need to rely on your gorgeous gorgeous words! Can sell their own strength, praise God, let them know how to choose your product is a very good thing, and can bring substantial help for them so! You also need a high force.

copy of the first appearance will be reflected in the most intuitive layout, it allows the user to read the text to experience outside the comfort, so the layout simple, font size, style, exquisite pictures, unified these details will give a lot of extra points. Only the reader recognized your copy, it is possible to help you spread two times.

two. Intrinsic.

first of all, to ensure the quality of your products, and then to explore your own strengths. In addition to the enterprise’s mission, vision and goals, the company’s resources and network marketing environment is the two major factors affecting network marketing planning. As a strategic tool for network marketing, we need to understand what are the advantages of the enterprise, and what are the differences with other peers. The correct assessment of the advantages of the enterprise, better able to guide the excavation of marketing opportunities.

you see the girls screaming at the teenagers who play basketball, but you can’t play basketball. Try to find their own advantages, and dongshixiaopin as counterproductive, based on their own advantages to expand.

three circle.

whether it is a user or a girl, before you choose to always have some thought, then no matter how well you do they will be questioned. At this time might as well let the people around for you to speak, which, of course, is advertising, when she found all the people around you say good or often appear in your message, the alert will naturally put down.

Baidu know is a good thing, you can not look down on it. First you can release some of your products on their own issues, and then hire some people pretend to answer the user, the appropriate boast. After all, most users still China degrees mother mostly in their shilly-shally, many will choose the Internet search information.

not only that, each big website forum can go to this question and answer, though.