At this moment am completely desperate for 17BOBO


on the Internet to see many 17BOBO how bad the post already saw a lot, but I really didn’t think 17BOBO not only bad and so stingy, do business and so on collapse sooner or later. Write this article I went to my station above all the BOBO resources are deleted.

I turned out to be a loyal BOBO user, I feel P2P player is very good, but also have a deep feeling of memory. After the initiation of the idea to do a movie stand, they began to look for what good P2P resources on the internet. Later found BOBO, QVOD with the thunder of resources, which gave me the feeling that the thunder is fast but not a lot of resources, BOBO slow but resources can also be, QVOD in the three is considered the golden mean. BOBO was found to be divided into income is also good, so choose to use BOBO resources do station. Do stand second days began to regret it, because the resources of the BOBO is too slow to say nothing, do a good job after the station called a few students to help test the. Then the result is that I never feel shy that they help me station, basically I scold. They are an plugin for a long time, half a day later chose a film and waited a long time, so want to do later anyway station is to earn a few money, also can be divided into good.

it is a pity that the film is not only slow but also inefficient. The so-called boloso keyword optimization after two or three days included, anyway, I have been waiting for more than half a month has been included, do not know how you. Inside the forum politely ask a question will be no one tube for several days, and later only after Baidu slowly find. Now do not know how, and now has been used to ask Baidu or friends.

more sad is not only bad technology and bad personality. Remember in front of the station station read an article said in the group of BOBO can not talk about competitors, even if it is not recommended. There is a word really terrible "even if I was wrong, I should not be so concerned about a competitor to the BOBO news, not to mention the views of the BOBO, should not be sent to the group, I already know is wrong, I sincerely apologize, I once again say sorry, though I am in don’t think he was wrong, but I was wrong, can only say that I really cherish BOBO, BOBO so unfeeling?"

I thought it was invented later so I saw, in the official BOBO a group inside the details of which group can’t remember. A webmaster brother said about the meaning of BOBO is slow and takes up a lot of memory resources, no qvod do good. Also see no one to reply to this brother is T out, dizzy, do not know the enterprise so the enemy, know yourself. My brother is a bit rude said no way, let them take me T. There may be a few brothers together to respond to it, so there is no T I. When this thing in my mind slowly fade, since yesterday, because I go to your group