Baidu recruitment departure hundred platforms can be connected to the previous two years into the fi

September 26th morning news, Baidu’s recruitment website 100, ( CEO Li Zhenwen said yesterday on the Sina Technology, one hundred primary platform can access the peer site to share information, and proceeds. This attitude is the other side of the competition, hundred plans about two years to enter the top three online recruitment industry. On Thursday, Baidu officially opened the new name (Bai Bo), the new domain name, the new home page. With Baidu’s recruitment website name, go into the network recruitment competition among the red sea.

if it is not a wholly owned subsidiary of Baidu, perhaps as many as the same period last year, a lot of recruits, it is difficult to have outside attention. However, Baidu does not seem to give more care. For example, search recruitment, job search and other keywords, hundred Bo in the ranking and natural results are not in front of the auction, and the search position is more than 58 of the city with Baidu open platform results.

"Baidu search does not increase the weight percent of Peter, Li Zhenwen of sina said 100, from Baidu access to resources, one is the two funds, two is the search technology, the three is part of the resources to buy discount, but still need to invest real money. And Li Zhenwen pointed out the reason to be renamed, but also hope to further peel off with Baidu.

, however, compared with the odd arts, Baidu’s new home page on the eve of the hundred mark is still heavier.

talked about the most important changes in this revision, Li Zhenwen’s ideas and the outside world to see the basic agreement: that the hundred home page cut a substantial advertising display, but on the right reserved five or six. Steeped in the industry in the eleven years of Li Zhenwen, the network recruitment becomes a mere advertising trend is not recognized, "the ultimate view, there is no advertising position".

does not rely on advertising, it can only rely more on the efficacy of the. In the development of a mature industry, free is often a magic weapon based on the rapid, hundred of the festival is also a banner.

is the traditional mode of admission fees, we are not, Li Zhenwen said the hundred dollars is to turn the advertising model to pay by effect. For example, after receiving a resume, the company does not need to pay for each resume, but only if there is a clear intention to further contact information, it is necessary to pay fees to.


is able to help users and businesses quickly and efficiently match. More ideal situation is that the future of the company to guide the company’s own independent recruitment information, then the sales team will not exist value. Even peers can also share information on the recruitment of hundred percent, to participate in the identity of the platform to participate in revenue sharing.

The reality is that

, although the home page, although a substantial cancellation of advertising, but in the light of the different cities on the page, there are still a large number of similar ads to retain the image of the recruitment recommended. This eye-catching way, at least to some extent, to promote the strengthening of social functions in the hundred Bo, the future will continue to deepen this direction.