After 5 consecutive daily limit of 684 times earnings storm technology that their shares are underva

storm technology price earnings ratio of 684 times, which reported net profit fell 65%-85% over the same period last year, profit of only $3 million 433 thousand and 200 -801.08 million.


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5 consecutive limit, lost 15 billion 100 million of its value, this is the storm Technology (300431.SZ) in July 13th after the resumption of the two market.

July 17th, Feng Xin, director and chief financial officer Bi Shijun held an online investor exchange conference. The meeting Bi Shijun said, "the current limit of the company’s shares are down the irrational market results, I think the company’s current stock price is undervalued, believe that the market will recognized the value of the company." Bi Shijun is in answer to "why investors carry good resumption and stabilize the stock situation, made the response is still continuous limit" the problem.

a number of market investors and the media pointed out that storm technology and the current price earnings ratio (TTM) reached 684 times, reported that net profit fell 65%-85% over the previous year, profit of only 3 million 433 thousand and 200 yuan -801.08 yuan, including the impact of non recurring gains and losses amounting to approximately 3 million 600 thousand yuan, that is to say after deducting non, the company in fact, in the first half profit and loss of less than 5 million yuan hover between the performance of such corresponding hundreds of yuan of shares or even "undervalued"


Feng Xin explained to investors: for the valuation of Internet Co, the price earnings ratio of this indicator may not be comprehensive. At the same time the endogenous growth and expansion of storm technology are doing, is expected in the next 3 years, net profit will grow, so the price earnings ratio data will continue to change. Specific to how many times, or to see the results of the market game." He also said that following the stock price continued to fall, the company does not rule out other measures to stabilize the stock price.

storm technology in March this year after the listing of 29 consecutive word board limit, refresh the IPO shares since the resumption of the eighth time since the second consecutive word A consecutive trading limit. It is the price of the storm technology performance, so that the concept of overseas stocks accelerated the removal of VIE structure, the pace of return to A shares.

storm technology in June 10th announced the suspension of A shares, then suffered a terrible fall, a large number of stock prices suffered cut. The company suspended unintentionally avoided the market decline in a row after the rescue, heavy attack, the index has stabilized and began to rise, storm technology timely carry double positive: the company announced the resumption of 51 million yuan in cash to sign technology capital increase, after the capital increase, the gesture holds 51% stake in science and technology, this one can improve the storm technology investment "DT entertainment" content layout; announced the distribution plan to 12 of the 10 report. Nevertheless, as early as before the resumption, storm chairman Feng Xin told the media that the fall is not to hide the past. But the story did not follow his picture of progress, science and technology has suffered a storm after the resumption of 5 consecutive word plate limit, then either Feng Xin or storm technology does not sit.