Sichuan’s top two years of illegal profits four million yuan was arrested before the wedding

two years latent a game site, the use of loopholes in the network to modify the consumer point profit four million yuan. Recently, Nanjing Xuanwu police in the Jubilee action, dug up a top hacker – Xu, his identity is a researcher at the University of. Xu Fang confessed after the arrest, he will commit a crime as a test of their computer level, "I want to take a look, to my level, how long would it be found, I think the police will never find me". Currently, Xu has been basaltic police criminal detention.

virtual bank every day more

million taels of silver

last November in Hangzhou, a chess game website, netizens and the usual playing awfully. But in the background, the network administrator’s head has a cold sweat. On the site, the network virtual currency is known as "silver". Under normal circumstances, the site’s silver stored in the virtual bank, the total is fixed. Let the network administrator sweat anomaly is, virtual bank, the amount of money every day fixed increase of one hundred and twenty million and two, equivalent to more than RMB ten thousand yuan. Network management using its own technology to find two months, but still can not find the problem. Due to the emergence of excess money, resulting in the game platform virtual currency devaluation, to the site caused indirect losses of more than 400 yuan. Desperation had to call the police, asked the police to help investigate its servers located in Nanjing.

police: met the top master

police use their expertise, in the network after many days to find, but can not find the same clue. Police immediately adjust the idea of investigation, focusing on the trail from the suspect. Then several times that the network police found traces of hacker invasion, to carry out line tracking, but often found to have entered the dead end". The suspect knew the police would seem to take steps, deliberately set a "trap" to let them drill in, then there is nothing. Police lamented that this time met the top master."

suspects resume let the police exclaim

is responsible for investigating the flow of virtual currency police found an important clue. At the time the site was hacked, there was a man in Hangzhou who had been selling a large number of virtual currency on the internet. After more than and 10 days of hard track, the police finally locked the top hacking victim websites named Xu, Sichuan Mianyang, Gu Lin is one of his stolen goods.

opened Xu resume, the police can not help but suck a mouthful of air conditioning: born in 1979, he was an excellent young age, high school was a leading science and technology institutions in the country alone admission. Undergraduate graduate into a domestic scientific research institute, master of professional, superconducting, continue to pursue doctoral studies after graduation, the main energy research. 2007, he invaded a game site, illegal profit, was sentenced to public security penalties. Later, he was forced to leave, went abroad, and entered a university as a researcher. At the stage of the crime, he is helping a professor to guide his graduate students abroad.

the day before the wedding, he was called by the police