Why say interface, surging is not enough to say new


" strong surging waves, then the "interface" proudly debut, Shanghai newspaper group to the media industry blowing up a new media reform of the wind. Everyone seems to think that "content is king" of the traditional media are carrying abundant ammunition to the Internet, and initially took over the battlefield.

fit node "surging" corruption in the circle did not quite have the "interface" climate, but also by virtue of high force lattice model has attracted curious eyes. In the social media among the important channels of communication today, "and" interface "or" surging caught people at leisure of information demand pain points, in a series of reports from corruption, "" the hands of the surging news also frequently in the circle of friends "interface" for scraper, made of high quality financial field events the contents of the reaction.

but it is hard to say the Shanghai newspaper "new media" is the right business model before, only from the premise of self-sufficiency, if through advertising revenue, so the "big" surging "portal" plan may also need to continue to expand. Perhaps a lot of people like me, because of the "surging" and concern "surging", and not for the content and concern. The reason is that I did not have to rely on the level of "surging" depth dependence, and even, I may not be able to quickly find the information I need from this site.

other domestic media groups for mobile Internet products desire, no less than the Shanghai Newspaper Group on the surging, interface, touted. But I think, is eager to media fusion of old and new media, if there is no product thinking, the so-called new products will become cannon fodder.

to VICE, for example, to see how the new media content from the business model of the

a successful new media, business model will be more important than the content. Take the portal era model has been in the past, only to start small, with new business, the value will be the new media show.

"VICE" is a good case. This sub cultural aspects of the new media institutions, starting from the mainstream of young people, chose to match its business fit point, and then push the contents of the production method, the successful operation of the business model to achieve a complete.

"VICE" is a typical case of vertical transition to the core content of the paper. The early "VICE" is a Canadian government to solve the employment and community service magazine. Not long after, several editors of the magazine bought and renamed VICE, and re positioned it as the world’s first young and sub culture.

business model is matched with it, "VICE" will be based on the characteristics of the content to allow the brand to choose sponsorship model. Outdoor brand "The North Face" has been sponsored by the "VICE" shooting the world’s most desolate people to explore the theme video. 2012, VICE advertising revenue has reached $175 million. Recent news that American media giant Warner is about to stake