Personal e-commerce sites blocked CP card called for lowering the threshold

recently a number of Independent E-commerce site owners reflect, as much as 1 million of the funds required to obtain a threshold ICP card, they called on the authorities to reduce this standard.

it is understood that, in accordance with the relevant provisions of e-commerce is a business site, and the state of the implementation of the business license ICP website. The first condition of obtaining the ICP card is that the operator shall set up the company in accordance with the law, and the registered capital shall be at 1 million or above. In addition, the operator must also have an independent server, and a person responsible for technical and web content audit.

part of the independent electronic commerce website owners said that if the thorough investigation of ICP card, the independent electronic commerce website 80% illegal business, "at present, most are still in the small e-commerce sites are on pins and needles".

These independent

e-commerce website owners said that with the new company law, a company registered only needs a minimum registered capital of 30 thousand yuan compared to get ICP certificate for the threshold is too high, generally small companies more difficult. They called on the relevant departments to pay attention to reduce this standard.

however, there are some independent e-commerce website owners said that they will be anchored in some big company name, get ICP certificate, to avoid the risk.