Rice farmers rush to open the cool music has enabled the domain name part of the domain name

June 9th, according to domain name insiders revealed that part of the domain name associated with the "cool" music has been registered by others, some domain name has been enabled.

June 9th, jointly established by Baidu and Japan’s B2B2C joint venture company announced to the outside world, will be officially opened the "cool" music as its online service platform brand name, and at the same time open website www.rakuten.com.cn.

Whois information display, in addition to rakuten.com and rakuten.co.jp is the Lotte Company of Japan has its own original, "cool" music of the Chinese Pinyin domain name lekutian.com, lekutian.net, lekutian.com.cn, lekutian.cn etc in 2010 was "cool" music company in advance for protection of registration.

but the reporter also found that "cool" music of the other possible wrong related domain name, such as yuekutian.com (Yue for the other pronunciation of "music"), letianku.com (Le Tianku), kuletian.com (Ku Letian) who is with the "cool" music company independent registered, its intention is unknown.


domain name according to the insiders, because Chinese Pinyin has many of the characteristics of yuekutian.com, so that the domain name is not necessarily for the cool days of investment can be registered, the domain name registration in accordance with the "cry" meaning and registered. (end)

              Baidu joint venture company Lotte website has launched

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