Dark clouds exposed 12306 vulnerabilities cattle can be stored in the 1 car tickets for the 1

dark clouds exposed 12306 vulnerabilities: cattle can be stored in the 1 car tickets


[TechWeb] July 17th news, cloud platform exposure railway ticketing site 12306 there is a security vulnerability, after the crack of yellow cattle, a person can buy tickets for the whole car.

TechWeb recently found that when the ticket, the ticket hot line for all trips a week before departure have all displayed without a ticket, but in a few hours prior to departure occur over a large number of votes, with the suspected vulnerability related.

has a professional technical staff, said the design vulnerability can be exploited by scalpers. Under normal circumstances, a cell phone at the same time can only have one account login to buy tickets. However, the use of the vulnerability, ticket dealers can use a computer to simulate multiple mobile phone account number of 12306 connected to the ticketing system, a person can buy a ticket without restriction. (Ming Yu)