Sina micro-blog Taobao release Taobao sellers can directly manipulate micro-blog background

Sina Taobao micro-blog release: Taobao sellers can directly manipulate micro-blog


[TechWeb] reported on August 1st news, since the injection of sina micro-blog, the two sides opened a large-scale product cooperation. This morning, Sina micro-blog and Taobao products cooperation will be held a press conference in Beijing, Sina launched micro-blog Taobao version, realize Taobao exchange accounts, the seller can directly publish goods in the Sina micro-blog Taobao version, and commodity management and information monitoring through the background.

Sina micro-blog Taobao debut

according to reports, Sina micro-blog Taobao version is not an independent product, but in the Taobao sellers Pu a micro-blog system embedded in the background, the seller can backstage at the Taobao directly to Sina micro-blog released products, micro-blog, also can realize the information monitoring and analysis, the influence of the conversion of multiple function analysis, fan analysis etc..

and the seller after the release of goods, information flow will be displayed in the form of Feed tags, while showing the name of the shop, commodity pictures, commodity prices and praise index. Micro-blog users can click to jump directly to the Taobao page to buy.

Sina micro-blog version is currently based on the PC platform, the mobile version is still under development.

in May this year, Alibaba to $586 million acquisition of sina’s micro-blog shares of 18%, the two sides in terms of product cooperation is also regarded as the most important force to promote social electricity supplier. In the course of the commercialization of sina micro-blog, the status of the electricity supplier is also becoming more and more important.

in accordance with the logic of micro-blog and Sina, the two sides get through the background significance. For micro-blog, the two sides will exchange accounts, formed the scale of hundreds of millions of super low cost account system, micro-blog will be keen to absorb some of the new electricity supplier users; with the deepening of cooperation, millions or even tens of millions of level sellers settling down micro-blog user consumption data and consumer interest, will help Sina micro-blog big data mining and accumulation, and analysis the potential users of consumer motivation, so that social electricity supplier is more accurate and intelligent.

in addition, it is also expected to promote Sina micro-blog to become the user’s virtual life platform, Sina micro-blog holding a large number of mobile users, improve micro-blog paid links, through flash sales, Taobao page and a large number of merchants settled in the formation of micro-blog consumer environment and user habits, the user will be building micro-blog into a platform for virtual life.

electricity supplier diversion payment is still the bottom line

Alibaba yesterday confirmed that the third party application has been suspended for WeChat, the purpose is to protect the consumer’s user experience, to control the risk of Taobao transactions. This means that all guest entrepreneurship in WeChat’s marketing account will face a fatal blow.

and at this time Taobao and Sina micro-blog cooperation is also regarded as quite exclusive.

it is reported that WeChat marketing application services through Taobao’s seller service platform