Valentine’s Day is coming, is your website ready

Valentine’s Day is coming, are you ready for your


Valentine’s day, but the love of the people in the field. Want to send her a beautiful fresh flowers in the festival, how to do yesterday, the reporter visited several domestic shopping sites found that many young people choose to buy flowers online, so that the flower shop will be sent to the hands of their loved ones.

and store as many online florist also played with the "Valentine’s Day" slogan prominently in the home page, and every kind of bouquet with pictures and details, waiting for the guests in the "window" in the selection of the site. More careful business, will be different flowers according to price and color classification. "I just paid for the flowers. Usually a lot of online shopping, I do not worry about this……" Netizen Colin told reporters that his girlfriend in Beijing, Valentine’s day, two people can not meet, he would find a home in Beijing in the online florist, shoot (refers to the network shopping) under the bouquet told the owner to be sent to the address after.

four diamond seller "full house" said, because this year’s Valentine’s day and the Spring Festival holiday, she these days are not rest.

in addition, the reporter found that, in addition to the network florist, chocolate, watches, jewelry and other online stores, these natural meaning is good.

Valentine’s Day profile

also called Valentine’s day, Valentine’s day or Valentine’s Day (St. Valentine’s Day), which in February 14th each year, is one of the western traditional festival. Men and women on this day to send each other chocolates, greeting cards and flowers to express love or friendship, has become a favorite festival for young people in Europe and the United states. How many lovers in the world there are many interpretations of the origin of Valentine’s day. And the Chinese people are now almost fanatical enthusiasm with the Christmas, Valentine’s day has quietly infiltrated into the minds of countless young people, the Chinese traditional festival is another important holiday.

in China, on the evening of the 7th day of the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the weather is warm, vegetation, which is commonly known as the Qixi Festival (Chinese Valentine’s day), also known as the "Festival" or "daughter Festival", this is the most romantic holiday China traditional festivals, but also in the past the most important day of the girls. They are the sky the moon, put on seasonal fruits, overturned worship, begging the goddess of the sky to give them intelligent mind and skillful hands, but ask for a happy marriage.

the origin of Valentine’s day


in ancient Rome, February 14th was a holiday to show respect for Johanna. Yuena is Rome empress, while the Romans worshiped her as the God of women and marriage. The next February 15th is called "Lupasala" is used to express respect for other gods of the festival approximately elegantly governs.

in ancient Rome, the lives of young men and girls were strictly separated. However, in Lupasa >