Only for the rich to enjoy the service of the network VP domain name can not be closed

original title: VIP enjoy the suspect network failed to open the domain name!

renamed China ( May 26th hearing, according to the electricity supplier Gong Wenxiang micro-blog, the luxury business VIP exclusive network (Vipchina) or closed, the current domain name cannot open, enjoy the network’s official micro-blog has stopped in 2012 update.


figure: VIP enjoy network

vipchina that does not enjoy the VIP network does not open, it should be down, according to Gong Wenxiang, said, after the opening of the site of its beauty queen (when) high-profile claims: we only serve the rich. Now China’s Internet electricity supplier, who is positioned for the rich and even the location of the senior white-collar workers do not have the site to survive."


figure: micro-blog information

exclusive network provides luxury, fashionable clothing, beauty care, Home Furnishing collection products and information service to the user, in 2011 to get Saif investment, investment banks and other institutions and become partners. VIP enjoy the network’s official website domain name, by Vip (senior member, VIP) and China (China) combination, has a certain commercial value, the domain name of the website can not be opened, if VIP exclusive network failures, whether it will sell the domain name