Market research is based on demand can not imagine

yesterday visited the well-known Internet companies – venture factory, with the founder of Dai Yue chatted about their website. At present, the site of the venture site is more, real estate network, facade network, looking for room network, the villa network, the day home network…… Are related to the real estate related vertical website. Published in the views of the villa network, I think people do not buy the Internet villa, the Internet can not afford to buy a large number of people. But I was ashamed of the data provided by me.

according to Yue Yue revealed that Beijing’s real estate agents have done a statistics, in the overall source, from the network has more than 50%, but less than the next line. A lot of people to buy a new rich villa, are found through the network listings. So, now many intermediaries are very dependent on network channels. When I hear this group of data, let me this marketing people ashamed. In the absence of prior to the survey, in the professional field to understand the talk, this is really a shame. It also gave me a lesson in the fields not know, no investigation before not disorder assessment.

on the marketing of the first class, the teacher told us particularly stressed that market research is the basis of marketing, there is no investigation no right to speak. Whether they are familiar with the field, or do not understand their own areas, do not rely on their own subjective judgment to speak, but to have a reliable data as a support. Thought of here, I am extremely ashamed. In three years of marketing practice, less and less to carry out research work, always based on their own experience. Just a few days ago, in a fun business planning, I began to feel that this market will not be very mature, but after some investigation, let me down glasses. Yes, this is a mature market, and is still growing rapidly.

my survey is more alternative, in addition to the usual questionnaire survey, I also took a Taobao sampling survey. I chose a brand of each single product TOP40 in Taobao, statistics their sales in 30 days, although the sample is not very comprehensive, but also touched the brand of each single product sales, sales price of each segment. Before I did my research, I judged that the brand’s low price products should be sold well, but the fact is that the sale of high-end products far exceeds the low-priced products. When I know this result, the customer that brand is full of confidence.

in the experience of many people, the low price should occupy the big market, but the fact is not necessarily so. Sometimes, people’s experience is often misleading. Like I did a few years of marketing, and sometimes not necessarily as creative new. Also, a lot of fame for many years, marketing planning agencies and planning, they do have a lot of successful experience, but often their experience will hinder their creative thinking of the play, only in service may not be too observant of conventional standards., sometimes can make people satisfied. And those of us of a new generation of marketing people, full of vitality and creativity, and adhere to the duty in marketing innovation, often can make better than their case. Author Wang Penghui is a senior brand