East China 7 agents exposure Google Chinese employees to receive senior cars

October 12th news, Google China agency incident today to upgrade again, China Top 7 agents exposed one department staff charge song Chinese agent sent some brand limousines, take the initiative to ask for money and other agents, said that even Google employees in the company accounted for 55% of the equity agent.

7 agents before

East China held today in Shanghai called "silly Conspiracy: the true story of a conference at a press conference, they exposed Google Chinese scandal, the related department has accused Google China three sins proxy bidding secret operations, corruption and insider operation staff.

of the "three sins" of the details are as follows: first, proxy bidding secret operations. The above example, in April this year, held in Suzhou bidding agency, the lowest bidder bid, but did not bid high bid, and the successful bidder has not even paid. In the bidding process, there is no clear standards, no professional third party notary, and even did not issue a formal tender notice.

second, employee corruption. 7 agents on behalf of said to the media, a Google employee charged Chinese agent sent a certain brand of the car, there are also employees to agents to obtain benefits even openly, holds 55% of employees in a company’s equity agent.

third, insider manipulation. The representative said, because Google Chinese exit incident caused Google sales agents China replaced the decline in performance, Google Chinese agents responsible for the sales department with headquarters issued performance pressure, therefore put forward to adjust the channel structure to improve performance.

above representatives also pointed out that there are Google employees in the channel structure adjustment process exists inside the operation.

"staff hand talks with VC to introduce capital to the acquisition of the 7 agents, but because VC funds are not in place in time, the agency cannot complete the acquisition, it means that channel structure adjustment can not be completed, these stakeholders are time and financial pressure, cancellation of the agency of 7 agents." The above said.

for the above, 7 agents on behalf of the said they have mastered some of the evidence, but did not disclose the evidence, if necessary, in the event of future progress they will use.

but the 7 agents do not want to point out the corresponding personnel involved, they are most concerned about the loss of problem solving agency problem and in front of the staff and customers, so far, the 7 agents still hope that Google and Google can Chinese global people out through dialogue and consultation to solve them.

as for the 7 agents and Google Shanghai Advertising Limited was canceled agreement, in the end whether it is legitimate, the representative said in accordance with China’s "contract law", said the format of the contract signed without the right to unilaterally cancel.

for the above mentioned legal issues and responsibilities, 7 agents welcomed the relevant departments involved in the investigation, also welcomed the media involved in the investigation.