’s expansion logic vertical and category expansion

August 2nd news wants to see the future look like, the construction of a number of different locations on the street to attract different characteristics of the crowd to go shopping, sharing and shopping.

territory expansion is has been considering things from last year. In addition to thinking about how to better serve existing users, the team through the breakdown of the user and the creation of mushroom home ( to more people on their own aggregation platform. CMO Li Yanzhu believes that the expansion of the core category and purpose is to promote the expansion of the crowd.

from itself, in order to attract different age and consumption habits of female users, made a clear distinction between the localization of Lady and Girl, with different vertical categories to the corresponding user.

Li Yanzhu said that the distinction between these users do not just look at the age, nature of work, etc., more importantly, to distinguish the user’s psychological performance. For example, lotus leaf clothing is like girl, Europe and the United States is followed by the wind Lady, through the user’s click, browse, purchase habits data integration, so as to carry out the contents of the editing and recommendation.

from the new site "has been on the line, the mushroom house" in women’s clothing and accessories in addition to mining "Home Furnishing". It is a new field, in order to attract the Home Furnishing commodities demand, already married or is considered a group of women.

the difference between these two actions is that one is to further subdivide the crowd, and the other is to drive a new category of new users to enter, but the core is covering a wider range of people. "Before in the mushroom, we are also very tangled is category expansion directly in, or to set up a website, select a reason for the latter is not a new category to hope Home Furnishing without interference users in; another reason is the hope to maintain accurate positioning and pure. A more accurate radiation to the target population, improve conversion rate".

because the crowd positioning differences in on-line mushrooms within two months are not open for registration, does not want by simply "drainage" in a short period of time to push up the mushroom home users and traffic, the mushroom home daily PV traffic only in the tens of thousands of level, but from the data growth trend has been more than the first, and users from into, browse to buy a higher rate. CEO June also agree with this expansion, vertical is the inevitable direction of the development of social business platform, but only after the platform completed enough user accumulation of integration, ability to attract the corresponding people can try to enter".

Li Yanzhu believes that the "mushroom" not limited to purely Home Furnishing supplies, but as the crowd needs to change, "as long as the lock of this group of people, what they need is a mushroom house will continue to adjust.