Guoxin office closed China News Hotline network and other 31 illegal websites

Guoxin office and then shut down more than 31 websites in China false website closed

[TechWeb] March 25th news, the state Internet Information Office announced the second batch was closed according to law, China News Hotline network, exposure network and other illegal websites 31. This is the network extortion and paid delete posts special rectification work since the start of January 21st, the competent authorities in accordance with the clues and in-depth investigation and evidence of the masses, according to the law to close the second batch of illegal websites.

31 the

was shut down in accordance with the law website are: "China News Hotline" net net "exposure" is the state of network public relations network "and" public opinion "in e-government network" news network "007" network public relations "and" Fujian online "" Hai Rui news "" Kunming news network "" personality QQ station "" 365 "in the theodolite network" news network "and" Henan legal network "and" Sohu "are the focus of network" news talk network "Cathay Pacific Network" "Sheyang forum" and "map library" "8090 community" and "super little studio" "Funing information network" and "Lianyungang Wowo network" "ring net" waterfall group news "" long card "" orange network technology "" Hebei online "" Sichuan news "complaints activist" Yun Si technology "and" reality "to public relations" Nanning first news network".

National Network Information Office official said in an interview, there are 31 of the shut down sites of serious illegal plot, different extent reflects the "network extortion and delete posts paid" special rectification work needs to focus on governance characteristics. Most of these illegal websites in fails to perform the formalities for registration and filing or filing false information, some with "China" "enterprises" as the first fake websites, online extortion and paid posts; some in the name of the network rights, supervision, muckraking, set up illegal websites, Jina negative information, by posting, delete posts for property; some in the name of advertising, cooperation fees, sponsorship fees, by providing service for property owners in disguise; some fraudulent use of government agencies or web portal name, the name of the business cooperation, advertising banner, network engaged in extortion and illegal activities paid delete posts.

the person in charge of special emphasis, continue to shut down and publish illegal websites, is a network of extortion and paid delete posts special rectification work carried out normalization mechanism. To close these illegal websites, mainly due to the large number of users to provide effective clues, hope that the majority of enterprises and individuals to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, more actively reporting network extortion and delete posts paid "illegal activities, the national network information office will carefully verify the clues, and resolutely investigate and deal with illegal cases, punishing criminals in accordance with the law. China Internet Illegal and bad information reporting center to receive phone calls is 12377, the report website is, the rights and interests of whistleblowers will be subject to strict protection, reporting the highest reward of $50 thousand.