Online education the concept of popular small feudal lords vying for the throne of revenue


/ MA Juan

July 14th, serial entrepreneur Gong Haiyan once again launched a new product to her online education — well network, the main schools of interactive live ", this is the 91 teacher network, the ladder network, she launched in a year and a half of the third online education products.

Gong Haiyan so frequent, intensive entrepreneurship, is a microcosm of China’s online education investment fiery status. According to DDT research report shows that in 2013, China has an average of 2.3 online education companies set up every day. Over the past year, dozens of large and small domestic online education companies to obtain investment.

not only entrepreneurs, investors, the traditional Internet giant, offline training chiefs have also brought huge amounts of money into the online education field, by virtue of their respective advantages, try to take the initiative in the field of online education.

in the middle of the 1990s school, to today’s online education company broke out, fancy is Chinese huge potential demand for education. However, there are also behind the boom, bubble worries. It is foreseeable that the next few years, most of the companies in the field of online education will be of vital importance, and the online education industry will also be reshaped.

as a good future CEO Zhang Bangxin said in a recent internal mail, online education, mobile Internet is raging like a storm, the change of the industry a thousand li a day. In the face of this magnificent trend, can almost be said to shun Chang, nizhizhe wu." Visible, fierce competition in the field.


online education will become blue ocean from the Red Sea, and the sea? In this race, we should pay attention to what the enterprise, which will become the online education "leader", and laugh at the end of

?Online education

feudal lords vying for the throne

from the global point of view, online education has been sweeping trend.

South Korea announced the scrapping of paper materials in 2015; in Japan since 1998, 124 credits of undergraduate graduation requirements can obtain 60 credits through the "distance education"; the United States President Obama said in 2013, hope that in the next four years, there are 99% students in the United States through the Internet to complete learning.

in recent years, the Chinese government has been promoting the open attitude to private education and attaching importance to the application of information technology to achieve educational equity and resource sharing. "Broadband China" strategy, the "national long-term education reform and development plan (2010-2020)" deployment "education information network", and actively promote the MOOC curriculum construction and so on, to a certain degree of online education has played an important role in promoting.

from the market point of view, in recent years, the rapid growth of online education.

According to iResearch statistics report, in 2008 China’s online education market size of about 35 billion 200 million yuan, to 2013 has increased to 83 billion 900 million, is expected in 2014 China’s online education market size of nearly 1000]