The website will again Yeeyan tomorrow as little as possible to the political content

  in November 30th last year, the domestic well-known translation website Yeeyan "problem because the content blocked. A few days later, the original domain name became official blog. Yesterday, this blog news release tomorrow, January 8th, after the revision of Yeeyan will be back online.

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Yeeyan members Wang Yixin introduced, originally intended to January 1st on the line, but because the ICP record a bit later than expected, coupled with user online found that the site has some problems to be solved, so postponed the launch date, the way to solve the problem. ICP card has been successfully obtained in 5, all ready.

Wang Yixin said that in terms of content, the previous collaboration with the guardian and other foreign media will no longer continue. Wang Yixin said that the original intention is to open the company vision, presents some interesting knowledge to everyone. When political news translation is considered not much, not careful. Although it is out of interest in the translation, but after the accumulation of relevant media articles, the impression of the outside world has become the media, the qualitative is vague, but also deviated from the original intention. Political news would need to do not have the qualifications, yeeyan. So in the future political content will do as little as possible, and the technology content of the original business remains unchanged.

in addition, the future Yeeyan will cancel the SNS element of the original, and to project cooperation for outstanding characteristics. Most when beginning to do is to catch up with the popular SNS, just add some similar features. But users reflect, SNS model is not suitable for the translation of this special field. After the study of domestic famous community and subtitles group work mode, the new project will be Yeeyan collaborative approach to operation. Registered users can set up a project, and can invite other members to join, work together to translate an article or even a book, the results can be displayed simultaneously. The creator of the project enjoys greater control over the quality of the project.

she also mentioned, thanks to the support of all users and friends, otherwise they do not adhere to this time.

version of the domain name of the website Yeeyan has changed, will officially replace the original domain name, officially launched in January 8th. "This is the worst month," wrote the blog. It was the best month of the year. Winter is coming, spring is coming."