Half of the group is facing the collapse of the network to buy a large number of buy Network

Comprehensive transformation of

network group purchase, the end of the era of burn.
as a leader in the Juhuasuan group purchase, recently held 2012 businesses that will be announced, will continue to adhere to the marketing platform, and officially launched the business marketing value promotion plan. Executive dean Lv Benfu
at the end of last year, Juhuasuan will be marketing platform open to third party group purchase website. The Juhuasuan business will be announced at the meeting announced the launch of the 2012 Juhuasuan business marketing value enhancement program to help businesses improve the associated marketing rate, the number of shops and repeat purchase.
group purchase industry in the high-speed development process, the emergence of trade credit system, the lack of user experience model, consumer complaints and other issues with uneven in quality. In the group purchase industry long-term in disorderly competition, some practitioners of the utilitarian attitude and practice, let the group purchase industry into "low threshold, high operating risk" of the siege, group purchase mode has become a new focus of discussion again. Professor Wang Youwei