The United States della won $12 million B round of financing medical beauty community + how to make

medical beauty beauty platform della "recently to 36 krypton revealed that the company has completed $12 million B round of financing at the end of last year, the current round of peace by IDG capital and venture capital lead investor, A round of capital investment capital with Gao rong. Funds will be mainly invested in the construction of the electricity supplier section.

Yan value economic era, China has grown into the world’s third largest cosmetic country, the annual number of plastic surgery more than 10 million. Optimistic estimates, in 2018 the market size of plastic surgery in China will be more than 850 billion yuan.

in recent years, the rapid expansion of the United States out of market in the Internet many players, from starting point of view can be divided into two ways: 1 from the front end closer to the consumer with the money from the relatively close, but also easy to play; 2 more close to the back-end supply chain, to revitalize the resources under the line. The former is "oxygen" and "beauty", the latter includes "medical surgeon" and "beautiful mind" and so on.

"beauty della" belongs to the first form, is taking the path of community – business ". Founder Zhao Ying told the 36 reason for this choice is kryptonite, she believes there is more pain in the medical beauty industry chain in the end is still C users, at the same time these pain points is to rely on the Internet means to solve the. In her view, the two are the same:


is "more practice" promulgated, but still there are few doctors and dozens of hospital services, most doctors are one or several hospital long-term cooperation, so the relationship between doctors and hospitals is relatively stable. B side of the biggest problem is the rapid growth of the channel, there is relatively scarce flow.

C end user market education is still in the early stage, lack of self-awareness, it is difficult to quickly obtain effective industry information. The information asymmetry is one of the most visible features of the internet.

last January, "beauty della medical beauty sharing community" officially launched, the pure form of community maintained for about eight months. Compared to other United States medical community platform have hit medical resources, shaping the online doctor KOL, "beauty della" in community operators perspective more consumers. In the community, the platform invited more than and 300 network Reds settled, which as part of the experience and experience sharing experience division, the other part is through some related content and lifestyle to improve the share of community activity.

how to quickly establish a trust relationship with consumers to the success or failure of the u.s.." Zhao Ying said, "the United States NetEase from della ‘team itself is very good at doing KOL operations, we solve the information asymmetry problem through consultation and service for the light, is to shorten the consumer purchase decision process." It is reported that the "beauty came about 1 million registered users, the daily amount of post over 10000 community.


in September of the same year, "the United States recognized" della "