Detonated social media marketing with creativity

now if the enterprise does not have administrative micro-blog Fang Bo, a public number is not registered in WeChat, not in the social network media outlet, not every brush sense of presence, may follow the trend of the Internet said they feel shy in the past situation, to search for the center of the marketing situation into each big business to do spread on social media marketing to social network centered on.

if there are businesses that social media marketing effect is not obvious, do not believe that the final conversion rate will be brought in this way. It can only say that they did not see the nature of social marketing and innovation.

if you pull the rubber band tight enough, reaction force is more strong. How much effort you will get the appropriate return.

content for the main creative

if the social media compared to a dish, then the main course is the content, which is also a lasting appeal. So the idea is the main course around the decorations, if you have it can attract buyers eye, and content to create a perfect marketing ecosystem. Only in the premise of good content, creativity in order to maximize utility. If you want to use a word to sum up the essence of social media marketing content, that is "people-oriented". Micro-blog and fans interact in the content rich and concern fans life, from the contents of the dissemination of propaganda brand concept to determine the tone of the brand, so down to earth have become the main content.

The content of

in down to earth, plus some creative people eyes smile, can also increase the impression of the brand consumer group. This creative decorations devoted practitioner of passion for life and attendance input.

creative turn from a guest into a host

many businesses that exaggerated language curry favour by claptrap, rude is creative, I really beg to differ. Maybe this idea can bring a moment of attention and forwarding and the amount of exposure, but the long established brand recognition may be in excessive self proclaimed collapse, not to creative ideas, not to abandon the authenticity of the contents. On the other hand, the user is interested in the novel, interesting, reverse thinking content, breaking the normal thinking, using another way to construct the content to create new ideas.

How can

make the content more creative? Maybe you can think from the following directions:

and network hot spot combination

aging and fast operation of the book. After Li Na announced its withdrawal from the world of tennis, Lining and other enterprises according to their own administrative micro-blog rapid tone of the brand made a careful copy, immediately set off the upsurge of users forwarding, the hard copy writers very admire. In this desperate, creative idea of the impression, consumers will be in need of similar products immediately think of these businesses, emotional and sometimes able to overcome reason.

Coca-Cola’s nickname bottle is still combined with the current hot words, so that the lonely man to bottle positioning, looking forward to the perception of personality and attention.