nnovative solutions for vertical B2B sites


community for a vertical B2B website, is one of the most important part of the user stickiness, it is essential to establish the website promotion, brand building, customer loyalty, the construction must be vertical B2B website community in a crucial position.

but the current industry vertical B2B website too much, some a small industry, there are nearly 10 B2B sites, almost every B2B website has a forum, but many web sites is the basic decoration, because too few participants, not enough to produce value forum. Forum most of the use of mobile network forum, there is no personalized, according to the actual situation of the industry, tailored to the appropriate forum.

so I think, for the construction of new vertical B2B sites, the outstanding competitors has occupied most of the users, the opening of the new site to do a good job in the community (here I called a community forum, too narrow), only innovation in order to attract users come in a short period of time, otherwise the user not too good reason to participate in your community.

below the vertical B2B website community building solutions:

1, in order to solve the technical problems in the industry as the leading direction, the establishment of a technical community

1) why vertical B2B sites should be dominated by technical issues?

vertical B2B website, because of its relatively large integrated portal users, its users are very small, and the user vertical B2B site community is more communication technology.

Users of

vertical B2B website the main community has more than two kinds: A: one is technical personnel: the needs of the community is the most important to understand the dynamics of new product development, mutual exchange, solve the problems in technology development and application, and successfully developed a new product or new technology; B a sales staff: the needs of the community is the most important to understand the dynamic research and development of new products, solve some technical problems, find the shortcomings of their products, so as to talk about and customer base singles.

and other aspects of the user’s demand is small, is also important, such as manufacturing, marketing and management personnel, from a certain angle, they belong to manufacturing logistics, hope to more professional exchange platform. At the same time, many forums are set in the supply and demand information column, which is very inappropriate, because it conflicts with the B2B business platform.

from the main needs of users in terms of vertical B2B site community must be to solve technical problems as the leading direction.

2) why do vertical B2B sites create technology communities?

analysis of community should be to technical problems as the leading direction, so we need from the design, layout, community function, information classification management, text packaging aspects of technical requirements for the service, from the perspective of the construction site, it is called Technology >