Write a good website to promote soft

This is the

for the novice, don’t look at the masters, lest I die of shame, first introduced what is soft, it is relative to the mandatory advertising, text ads by the enterprise marketing personnel or advertising copywriter personnel responsible for writing "". It is the pursuit of a silent, salutary influence of education communication effect.

so how should write website promotion soft Wen?

you post on the web to the article, the purpose is generally to promote your site or products, let everybody see your soft, according to the contents of the article, you can easily find your site. The most important thing is when the text is reproduced, you can get a lot of the chain to improve the site rankings, get more clicks.

from the role of the analysis, the first is the visibility, when the article was reprinted numerous times, the visibility of the intangible, but also the most free promotion. When the domain name of the site has been cited numerous times, we are familiar with. Then search the weight, the general article can be marked in the article behind the original and source, this can improve the chain, when your article was reproduced N times, you have N of the chain, it is horrible. Finally, a click on the IP, although the IP will not be a lot, but the source is very wide, you can improve the corresponding PR is valuable oh.

so well, how to write website promotion soft? I was divided into two parts:

is the first starting from the website, write some articles and content on your site related industries, such as fashion site, then some of the original beauty of the article, or share a lot of the latest trends of hot and so on, should pay attention to is certain if the original, and the quality is very high, select from the title of the article (is the key to the optimization of the content) are very strict. Design the structure of the article, grasp the overall direction, control the trend of the article, choose the title of strong impact. To improve the whole text, according to the framework of rich content, with the specific content. This can be sent to the.

second is the IT industry, write some of your own website operation experience or SEO experience, let peer learning, and the original article must be of high quality, so as to improve the reprint rate, the other should pay attention to and above the same.

The quality must write

so high, of course, will take a bit of time, but the effect is very obvious, you can choose some weight high website or forum first, you can also do a reprint this Baidu or Google included.

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