Share several quick ways to increase micro-blog fans

micro-blog has fire for a year, playing micro-blog there are so few people to interact with the fans: 1, 2, 3, want to do marketing, broadcast 5 friends, 4 to win the prize of 6, 7, looking for beauty play a happy every day, 8 quotations in fact, no matter what kind of people, is to increase the fans and the audience, today I will give you a summary of some methods to increase fans.

method one: micro-blog topic mutual listening & mutual powder


method should be the most primitive and ancient methods, when micro-blog just fire up, this method is the most effective, but with the development of micro-blog technology, micro-blog has made a lot of restrictions, such as Tencent, only a day to listen to 100 people, 20 people will cancel after verification code pop-up box. But for now, this method is very effective.

advantages: fans to increase the speed of fast, back to listen to the powder rate is high.

shortcomings: fans are not accurate, if only to increase the number of fans, then it can be done in large quantities.

method two: add QQ group (mutual powder group, micro-blog communication group)

is similar to the first method, can also add mutual powder group, precision of mutual powder, and the micro-blog communication group, if can enter a little bit higher, micro-blog users fans in the high, or very good.

advantages: to increase the speed of fans, back to listen to a high rate of powder.

shortcomings: more tired, the need to perform well.

method: three party & party & quotations; jokes; beauty party party piece & & Odd Photos party XX party


if you are like this, your micro-blog will fire, send a word, beauty, jokes and so on micro-blog, get a few thousand fans easy, especially Tencent micro-blog. This kind of micro-blog is easy to be reproduced, we can look at the micro-blog fans are relatively high grassroots, almost half of these are micro-blog.

advantages: high reproduction rate, high listening rate.

difficulties: the need for good quality content, need to spend energy collection.

method four: Celebrity broadcast & high fans microwave relay

this is a lot of people mentioned, but the author has done some experiments, we found some problems, we may have some misleading, you need to see a celebrity on a fan of his quality, like the official micro-blog push up celebrity most is zombie fans, do not have much practical significance, their success rate is actually reproduced very low. So if you do this promotion, please be careful, looking for a high degree of celebrity activity, celebrity fans active high micro-blog.

advantages: fans precision, high quality.

The micro-blog

shortcomings: not much, need to collect, also need to talk about cooperation.

method five: micro-blog forwarding >