How to promote the product on the nternet from the optimization of product title

often saw the sale of goods is name of many websites, only the commodity description, something so simple but has a great loss for the majority of sellers. Virtual goods are not seen before in the actual goods, can only use their imagination to sense, especially for the software program, seemingly virtual products, we can from the appearance, color, smell to describe. But from the point of view of SEO, as the seller should be how to get the name of the product to attract sellers do not lose the characteristics of the product as a problem can not be ignored. We should be through a variety of ways to attract the attention of buyers, this is a commodity promotion strategy.

will be the Title Optimization is designed to allow more buyers to easily find the required software program, let the seller of goods first most reasonable standard in the search box, the title structure and reasonable arrangement of the language can increase just perfect products to read.

product features are the most critical

data show: the buyers to find the goods, 70% – 80% of the people will choose to search and browse by category, only 30% – 20% of the people will choose to direct search products, this shows that buyers will according to the required performance products the possibility to search for the real search product name around 30%, if the product name the product function expression on product name optimization to the most important position, this will allow buyers to lock the search range. The value of the commodity title is mainly reflected in what the buyer needs to function, thus affecting the buyer’s purchase intention.

in the name of the SEO process, often will be the product function keywords, in order to attract the attention of the search engine, so a lot of optimization traces. The importance of each word in the title of expression is different, so it will express in the search engine is to streamline and title weight, fully express more vivid and interesting, we need to use some adjectives to embellishment, but not because of weight problems they express using flooding, according to reasonable title, is very necessary to be the title of the goods name according to the importance and the title of the title of the normal specification.

Baidu engine included

for SEO, the meaning of the title is very important, because regardless of any search engine had important title, whether it is Baidu, or Google, they must comply with some intelligence program to find the article or commodity title, such as the article list, h this is the entire commodity title, but also the entire commodity most important points, we should highlight the key words, also to make reasonable arrangements to keep smooth. Not deliberately for keywords, but can not spread to use it, to know the meaning of the expression is a commodity title only, and not to highlight the details of what you do, so don’t let some search engine action points.

another supermarket search function is in accordance with the title to retrieve, so we want to appear in the title of the industry where the product >