WeChat enterprise officially open beta unlimited mass


enterprise, the official beta mass number of unrestricted

[TechWeb] reported on September 19th news, WeChat officially opened the WeChat enterprise currently beta, beta version for all users, all enterprises, institutions, government and social organizations for. It is understood that after the opening of the WeChat enterprise number, mass message number is not limited, the interface is limited.

According to WeChat

enterprise, responsible person, WeChat is the enterprise mobile application entrance WeChat to provide enterprises, to help enterprises to establish a connection, employees on the downstream supply chain and enterprise IT system, to realize the low cost and high quality mobile light application, mobile production, management, coordination, operation the.

it is understood that the construction of a large enterprise IT system can be directly connected to the existing IT system WeChat enterprise number, not only to retain the user PC end user habits, but also to achieve rapid enterprise application mobility.


and IT ability of small and medium enterprises, the enterprise can be directly opened WeChat based WeChat ability and the public number, strengthen employee communication and coordination ability, improve all aspects of the construction of enterprise culture, and knowledge management of the notice.

WeChat parties concerned stressed that the number of WeChat WeChat is different from the WeChat subscription number and service number, WeChat enterprise number is a special service for employees or partners to provide. After the opening of the WeChat enterprise number, the number of messages is not limited to the limit on the interface is small, with the ability to automatically send messages and other functions.

in addition, WeChat enterprise provides a more complete ability, for example, mail list support for the Department, members, label crud, messaging interface can send or receive text, voice, video, text, documents and other types of news, in addition to the number of messages is not limited, but also on Information Security set, ensure message security and privacy.

in addition, combined with the ability to interface WeChat has open, WeChat enterprise can also use the native WeChat camera, scan code, upload the geographical location, the open platform of speech recognition, image recognition and interface services, WeChat payment, enterprise red interface and other functions.

WeChat is currently installing more than 5.4 versions of WeChat users simply scan the code by the company was granted access rights of the enterprise number, in the play WeChat, corporate information processing. (rain)