The season is wrong, now is not a personal website, do not join

See many webmaster in the message, many webmaster forum webmaster in the talk, to give up work now, or give up their studies, to join the personal website, do no good.
  current environment impetuous. The Internet people, everywhere no silver. All the money, do not know where the money come from? The site on site traffic website selling blood money, small mixed belly is difficult. 10 thousand IP, good luck, plus Google, a month can be mixed to the block of 1000. And can do 10 thousand IP websites are not many novice do stand, to do 10 thousand, also need a hungry hungry for one year to 10 thousand IP, to the time to profit. In addition the copyright, strike, etc., many personal websites, there is no competition, no chance of survival.

    an article can not say much, can only advise 2 kinds of friends.

    1 students, many students and friends, to find work, give up primality work, not looking for a job. To rely on the site for a living, do no good. No social experience, too early to invest in the future work in the lack of experience, but also to take more detours, especially the management experience, as well as work experience, very important. Another point, students come out, money is not a few, rely on the site, which is an unstable source of income, and now there is no source of income, how to live, how to develop. If two years later, found the wrong way to go to work, so that the work place is not, because you graduated 2 years, and no work experience, work units, which units dare to you ah. So, with your network dream in your work. When your wings are full, you will never fly again.

    2 workers, many IT companies work friends, or boy friend, not the boss or their color, also have some ideas, want to go solo, now thunderstorms, not solo. Or go down under the eaves. In general, this group of young friends, are now dragging a girlfriend, you give up your work, you may have no income, no income, no estimated love money outside, also do not have the time, how to maintain the relationship, how romantic dating. Every day to worry about the money, but also to the final estimate to worry about looking for a new job, why don’t you quit now, will wait until the rain sunny, sunny. You nest again.

  if you are tough now suffering time, can adhere to your amateur station, but the profit chance is slim, you see the Admin5 trading platform, is the 1000 IP station, hundreds also often sell, not sell, sell more than buying the station, now difficult to survive, station to suffering, everyone is two words: hard  . Small site ready to rely on their own accumulation or save for the meal to the net;