A good day is coming P2P net loan will usher in a big turning point

nearly two years, as long as a reference to the P2P net loan, we have to avoid it. Analysis of some professionals, P2P net loan is in the ice period.

however, according to the net loan home surplus can joint advisory released "P2P net loan industry in 2016 5 monthly report", May, P2P net loan industry to achieve the overall turnover of 148 billion 17 million yuan, up 3.44% compared to April, the monthly turnover refresh highs.

at the end of May 2016, P2P net loan industry history of the total turnover has reached 2 trillion and 36 billion 135 million yuan, achieved second trillion yuan. P2P net loan industry in October 2015 to achieve the first trillion yuan, with more than 7 years, while the use of only one trillion yuan in the past second months.

May 26th, McKinsey released a series of Chinese banking industry report also shows that as of the end of 2015, China’s Internet banking market size reached 12-15 trillion yuan, accounting for nearly 20% of GDP. The number of Internet users has become more than 500 million of the world’s first financial. Among them, P2P net loan transactions amounted to hundreds of billions, the third party payment transaction volume of more than 10 trillion, are the leading global.

whether it is investors, entrepreneurs or intend to finance the Pro Pro, do not be confused, let us look at the prospects for the first


government support

in the first quarter of 2016, the people’s Bank of China, China Banking Regulatory Commission jointly issued the "guidance on the financial support of the new consumer areas". The "opinions" from actively foster the development of consumer finance organization system, accelerate the consumer credit management mode and product innovation, increase the consumption of new key areas of financial support, improve consumer financial development environment, put forward a series of financial support of the new consumption areas of fine policy measures. We will increase financial support for key areas such as health care consumption, information and network consumption and green consumption.

According to the

net loan House released the "May net loan monthly report" data show that in May there were 86 issues and business platform, the platform 30, closed platform 56, closed type number accounted for 65.12%.

now P2P industry seems to be in the face of the government’s crackdown, but in fact, the industry’s redemption, the rescue of the excellent platform. Needless to say, the industry is now facing the direction of standardization.

investment rose

in addition to the size of the transaction, the number of investment, the number of borrowers has once again set a record high. The number of active investment in May, P2P net loan industry, the number of borrowers continue to increase, the investment reached 3 million 295 thousand, an increase of 10.56%; the number of borrowers reached 965 thousand and 200 people, an increase of 20.89%.

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