Xiamen Dongdu nspection Bureau told you import label packaging unqualified rate

in our lives with the continuous improvement of the economic level, so our spending power has also been significantly improved, in life, many people are very keen to buy foreign products. Reporters from the Xiamen Dongdu Inspection Bureau, as of November 17, 2016 this year, the Xiamen Free Trade Zone East Port imported food, cosmetics detection of label unqualified packaging accounted for 93.1% batches of substandard, substandard products packaging label facing the rectification, returned, and even destroyed. read more

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How to join the early Yang steamed bun

Yangzhou is an outstanding people, rich place, such a good place not less natural delicacy. Jiangsu Long Yang buns, the former "Yangzhou soup" was born in the family of Yangzhou Fuchun refreshments. In 2003 opened the first "Long Yang Yangzhou dumplings shop in Shanghai downtown section of Longhua. Early Yang steamed stuffed buns to join the classic heritage, unique taste. The whole store output, full support, direct supply of materials, business worry free. So early Yang steamed stuffed bun how to join? read more

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Shu world hot and sour powder

today Xiaobian to recommend a Sichuan section of the delicacy that we live, the more common Hot and Sour Rice Noodles but not the same, today this is a world of Shu Hot and Sour Rice Noodles brand, how is it different, take a look at the following introduction of You’ll see..

Shu world hot and sour powder Sichuan Sichuan region is a traditional snack, originated in Sichuan, Chongqing, is a favorite food, especially young consumers. In Sichuan Sichuan region, spicy food is deeply loved by the people, Sichuan Shu people on food cooking is no hot Huan huan. The Hot and Sour Rice Noodles Chongqing snacks in the list has been ranked the top ten, comparable with Chongqing, Wujiang, Chili oil Hot pot fish wonton soup, beer duck, candy, sesame etc. read more

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How to investigate early career

with the emphasis on the importance of the parents of the children, a variety of early career began to rise, in order to allow children to win at the starting line, parents are very willing to. Early childhood enrollment in the country has become a new industry. Baidu look, every day early search to join the class key words, not less than 6000 times; statistics show that every year a lot of new early enrollment agencies.

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Curtain home textile stores want to retain customers how to operate

no matter what kind of business we run, if the customer can not afford to stay, how to get a better development of this business? Therefore, if we want to make the store business booming, nature also need to retain customers. While many bosses have some sales problems such as curtain textile shop business is how to seize back each textile operators must do, textile operators know supply, service is also important, because there are a lot of people may be because of your excellent and cheap goods to you to buy something, and you attract service, so repeat, also more. Therefore, it is crucial to retain customers to earn money for home textile operators. So, the curtain home textile shop exactly how to retain customers? read more

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How to deal with the problem of business – Business

could not venture Road entrepreneurs often encounter Everything is going smoothly., all kinds of setbacks and problems in entrepreneurship, these are the business can hardly be avoided, the road is not flat, a lot of the time we will be caught in the confusion, in trouble. With the fast Xiaobian look at how to deal with the problems in the


1 economic burden leads to emotional stress

operating a small business has to spend a lot of money. Small businesses usually start at thirty thousand, operating expenses are also hot pursuit. Although small family businesses spend less on their daily lives, they have to take the opportunity to invest. With a stable job to earn the desired salary and benefits are different, you have to bear the responsibility of making money for yourself. The solution is to allow some of the financial s to pay for your expenses and minimize your bills. read more

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Gulangyu slet Cup friendly at Majohn Stadium

football as the world is a crazy sports, has a broad concern groups, the status of the world are self-evident! Although China’s football is still in a period of downturn, but efforts to improve their level, is essential! Look at the following and Xiaobian, Gulangyu Islet cup friendly at the Majohn stadium, the specific details.

2016 third "Gulangyu Islet Cup" Football Club friendly at Gulangyu Islet people’s Stadium (Majohn stadium). More than 240 players on the same stage. read more

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How to improve the turnover will not store location

good store location is very important, because many people can store business hot, but not all of the stores are to have a good business, visible, store location "shop too much back, no one, business is not good……" Often listen to someone like this. In fact, the lot is not good remedy.

1. the owner of the best learn more professional knowledge, improve their management level, such as the degree of familiarity with the operation of clothing. To strengthen their eloquence training, to the customer within a few minutes to get his (her) trust, as long as customers believe you, your business will be better. read more

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There are no grassroots web site portal

web portal is more promising than the grass, I have struggled in the development of network Weakness lends wings to rumours., stop the bubble and pragmatic, numerous Web2.0 concepts of website, more and more cannot withstand the pressure of reality.


network itself from the tradition, as well as the individual enterprises and state-owned enterprises, many enterprises and portal websites, depending on the process of concept and generous, relying on advertising or investment money, the huge cost of more than 80%, can not find the direction after the run out of money, investors in disgrace go, or rely on their money, leaving a pile of infamy escape. read more

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The first experience of e-commerce

as the industry cluster, enterprise procurement website first station, now has occasion Tongbao has more than 14 thousand industries, more than and 70 million member companies. In 2010, when the Tongbao strategy in the industry segments of the market has been very obvious, and spared the article around the industry. In 2011, when man is also doing my part, the industry segments of e-commerce as a priority among priorities.

recently, NetEase, Sohu, China Electronic Commerce Research Center, xinhuanet.com and other major media have reported that the bridge for aspiring to make achievements in the industry segments to build the traditional elite mettle, the long-awaited occasion Tongbao valve network on April 1st on the line, a franchise industry website first station. read more

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