Love Shanghai APP transfer from SDK detailed design document standard

four, SDKThe demand of

The whole process of Implementation method and calculation rules of the residence time of

product is App statistics from the web page and click App to open the transfer time, and after the user to stay in App in time. The function of SDK is transferred from the statistical time and residence time in the user from the transfer in App.

transfer from the simple, is from a web page click from the transfer button, then open the corresponding App.

and SDK five compatibility

3, SDK, SDK to send the statistics field. read more

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f the site of these problems the spider will visit said pressure

a large number of dead links

solution: (1) submit dead link. The love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform "links submitted" tools to submit website links, details please refer to love Shanghai webmaster tools.

is the so-called dead link return code 404 error page links, these links are usually created by a website or website, to replace the domain name after. This kind of dead links both to the users and the love of spiders in Shanghai, is a very friendly and performance. Imagine, when you visit the site to the jubilant spider, but one after another to meet those dead link way, repeated cases continue to emerge, finally let the spider don’t trust your site, and then also have a web site is not included the results. read more

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On the 2011 Shanghai sex mentality ranking optimization

today is the beginning of September, many companies are to work. I wish you all a happy new year, here you work smoothly! Shanghai dragon ER is when rabbit

Shanghai dragon, must have a good attitude. That is to say in you so stand were K but also in normal heart and normal heart to go on. Everyone will say, is the so-called standing waist pain. When you meet the normal web sites continue to be K drop right after. You can take a normal mentality to continue to do the Shanghai dragon? Very crazy believe the nearest station is for the two meet love Shanghai right down, the sea fell in love with keywords in the first row, after second days off to ten pages. Do a station is not easy to do the first second days of the Shanghai love I do not know where to go away. The mentality about the crash, the Shanghai dragon down. Thought once fall into panic, ask Shanghai dragon is it really can make money? The next day read more

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How to reduce the rate of jump out of site five tips to help you out

One of the


method four: put an end to let users.

large number of internal links

what is the web site? Site to give users what kind of services or information, we should be in the home of the most conspicuous place, let users immediately feel, do not blindly add some website and related content, such as some enterprise website, often put some photos, greeting words such as chairman and general manager usually, such a web site, but is the enterprise leadership "face job", it is difficult to achieve the purpose of network marketing, as long as we look at a little, as long as the home page and put on these irrelevant content sites, slow update, is usually a bay of stagnant water, don’t understand the powerful, basic rules and comply with the network marketing. read more

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What is the love Shanghai ranking difficult or you don’t have a good grasp

we all know, the favorite original content for spiders. In many webmaster to complain that I updated every day more tired when I often on the back one, whether you are the original or false original update? The answer is always no.. The same, the Internet freely visible content, love Shanghai what gives you a good evaluation, what gives you a good rankings? So especially for the new station and the old site want to fight, must grasp the original content, or in any case you are unable to catch up with rivals site. And this for each stationmaster is also a long stick to a job, if you are three days fishing nets two days of drying it, I advise you to give up the site. I believe every truly to know how to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster all know, good original content is the key problem for an internal optimization, a win is superior to the factors of the website, so do the optimization must be started with content, otherwise everything is in vain. read more

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How to use the robots file to enhance the weight of the main page


Some navigation page


so, once the 404 page too much, but also to let the search engine included, will lead to the site of the weight of 404 pages, 404 pages should be shielded so.

add rules: Disallow:/404.html

of each site has some error page 404 page exists for when users access the error page to guide the user to the right page, to prevent the loss of traffic. A web page is more sure there are many error pages, which leads to many similar 404 pages, such as 贵族宝贝daochengrc贵族宝贝/404.html, 贵族宝贝yongjiangrc贵族宝贝/404.html, read more

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How to determine the information content of the pseudo original fingerprint technology

2, the content of paragraph sorting, other paragraphs are reversed, or some text structure of this article is the upside down.

search engine to crawl content, will be the first to eliminate some of the non feature information of key words in the article: I, you, he, and other titles, but other conjunctions, and do it, ah, what tone word. These words are not helpful for identifying information. Then is to extract text information. The fingerprint information of text information that is not easy, and the extraction for voice, fingerprint image is more difficult, and this is also the reason why search engines to speech and image recognition. read more

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Love Shanghai period on the new update latest discovery

can be found through observation, the number is in 5 million the following one or two months, the relevant number in 5 million to 10 million is basically in three months, more than ten million to more than three months. (special words, except forbidden word)

! The original

then look at the chain, especially the high quality chain to determine the ranking conditions. According to this observation, the high quality of the chain is usually love Shanghai’s own products, such as the love of Shanghai library, Shanghai or Shanghai know love love experience. read more

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Million yuan of truth Shanghai dragon occupation high bitter phenomenon

some friends or old drivers often heard that Shanghai dragon, eight thousand to tens of thousands of monthly income, right in the north of Guangzhou is the popular hot drink, said, these friends are those who master jobs to come, not the master, it may be edited, the chain like hard work. Perhaps this middle exaggeration beyond a few, but inevitably escape things, this is like playing the game upgrade, not a certain level is not occupation, not occupation in another cave is difficult to survive, let alone to destroy it, and Daguai out a few more money to times. The natural income gap is self-evident, there is a reason for all this. read more

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‘ve been a webmaster for over 3 years. How much money did makeT website how to use sh419 theme p

strictly speaking, I’m not really a station master, but I’ve always been a station owner. Whenever someone asks me about my profession, I say that I am a webmaster and attract a lot of friends. Attracted a lot of MM admiration. Actually, it’s good to be a webmaster.

sh419 itself also has a large number of customers in IT and related enterprises, how to make the clients and sites of interest to achieve maximum benefits in the IT website, sh419 in product design to do a lot of unique design for the IT class website. These designs meet the needs of advertisers as well as lucrative returns to alliance partners. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng novice mistakes share

website This part of

has just started to do some Shanghai dragon friends begin to do a large site, full of grand aspirations. This is almost every novice friends Shanghai dragon dream, but Xiao Murong advise you, as a Shanghai Longfeng novice, this time we should try to do a single type of website, we are now in the study of Shanghai dragon technology. After our Shanghai Dragon Technology up to a certain extent we do some large sites too late.

3: the site is decorated very beautiful

4: repeatedly modify the website title read more

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Teach you how to let users love to your posts

3, no cover body

two, the search engine what love >


4, picturesque layout

? layout!

Ian previously published in the blog of the "home" to enhance the keyword ranking mentioned in this article some key points about home page optimization through the station optimization, today Ian to introduce how to write the user love article, let the reader a few points on your writing love.

users will be used to see the lead at the start to see an article, to explain the contents of the general understanding of the whole and then decide whether to continue to read on. If the write mundane, then readers will soon put out the pass. So in the text before the author will generally take the lead in some domineering leak, to make it look out, want to see neither friendly nor aloof, a woman wearing a sexy way to attract men. read more

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The construction site outside the chain chain how to batch refuse

Third step

Second step

. Then we sorted out the links in figure in box, click submit to. Waiting for love Shanghai.


first, need to register an account Webmaster Platform love Shanghai, not small to you to register, because this is the people love Shanghai, we can only follow. 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/ registered address. After you registered, need to verify the site permissions. Only a day after authorization, to view the site, the chain of love need to wait until later to see the Shanghai chain update. This is love Shanghai Webmaster Platform interface, read more

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Different industry editor share tips

or from the two industries, the first to talk about the filter industry, said before, the industry more professional, write nature should have the authority, the authority where reflected? The title is undoubtedly the most important, I would often use some "experts say……" According to reports, "……" Such as title, gives the first glance very formal feeling! As for the content of the article, because of its professionalism can not do too much change, so only in the position adjustment, paragraph of words more. read more

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Study on the analysis of the web site to win at the starting line

: the first research domain information. The domain name of the influence of the website is the house, is not only a good domain name search engine friendly, is also very user friendly. The domain name of the web site of the weight of influence is various, the longer the age of the domain name, the site’s ranking is advantageous; domain renewal time is longer, the spider will think more attention on this website is not used as a rubbish site; to add the key word English website domain name, have the weight of keywords to the site the promotion, but not much significance to the Chinese website; the history of the domain name information, domain name purchase history will also affect the site’s ranking, some domain name is done before the garbage site, giving the domain name weight spider is very low, still need some time to restore the domain name weight. Including the main influence factors of the domain name weight: domain name age, the content of the original, the size of the site, the external links of quality, analysis of domain name information, these factors are indispensable factors. read more

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Talk about how to play well with the Shanghai dragon on the bidding advertising portfolio

although we know Shanghai dragon has many advantages, such as cheap, sustainable and so on, a big weakness but we also can not ignore the Shanghai dragon, that is to see the effect requires a period of time, generally keywords an ordinary heat takes about two or three weeks to see results, if >

Localization of

4, bidding advertising can pin in a certain area of advertising, if you are a local service, it is very convenient for advertising.

3, the choice of keywords is more flexible. Key words compared to the Shanghai dragon modified to drop right, for advertising keywords modify more space, enterprises can first choose the main keywords to do the bidding, analysis what word conversion rate in one stage, and make a choice. read more

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The enterprise website at the beginning of the line do well in the station optimization my thoughts

as everyone knows, planning finally launched as Shanghai dragon suit, we also have to be Commissioner to display their hands and feet of the platform, this time we should consider and how to optimize our website? As a webmaster we should through the details of what in the hands and analysis? The author mainly talk about new sites at the beginning of the line, details of the main points of website optimization analysis, we continued to enter today’s theme of short gossip.

third, to update the content website every day. The new station without any weight, as a webmaster every day for the quality of the web site update is required, the update of the content source can be the products of the company, company news, company case or qualification, the new update the material and update method is very flexible, early we did not update the Shanghai Dragon articles necessary to blindly, first of all to continue the web site of the most valuable content rich, such as customer case, company qualification, product information, improve the information, in combination with corporate culture or business activities to update some enterprise internal news, the material value is very high, for the new station set up weight and trust in the love of Shanghai is very good. No new > read more

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Shanghai Longfeng questions of the 4th period website footer anchor text but also to optimize the ef



so, you said here is the enterprise website updated articles, recommended daily updated 3-5 article long tail words, try to let the spider every day to eat. In addition, we update the enterprise website article, its purpose is to optimize the long tail word, of course, also lies in the overall website ranking optimization. Could you update the site to bring the target unable to customers, but this can be very good to expand the site long tail thesaurus, let flow amplification. Let content marketing play a greater role. So, whether it is large or small, the update is very important. read more

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Shark let wordpress blog more favorable optimization


third: Some Chinese Please

The main purposes:

are many blog comment spam hurt, especially WordPress spam very much, but it is difficult to find an effective way to deal with, this is the WP blog of pain, any comments on this plugin can help you Chinese shielding accident, the evolution of the network space.

avatar identity service, make your comment avatar is more personalized, also can display in the comments. This is not to say, in the arena of walking, didn’t show their identity symbol, it seems odd to read more

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The discussion about included problems of Shanghai dragon circles

@ Chen Hongran said, generally refers to the chain included in the page of the chain is not included in.

1, the chain’s purpose is to attract the spider crawling and transfer weight;


I think, a judgment whether the chain has played a role, can query through the chain of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform inside, if not you love Shanghai Webmaster Platform website the chain, it is considered that you send the chain, at the time Webmaster Platform chain query database the effect is not produced. (note that sometimes Webmaster Platform database may be used for two months, three months ago, so the chain you made in the near future may not occur on the inside). read more

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